My Favorite Adoption Resources

These are the must haves, for me. Things I can't wait to share with my adoptive friends (and frankly, anyone else who will listen!)

Gladney Center for Adoption (our adoption agency).
I told our caseworker, if they made I *heart* Gladney shirts, I'd wear one every day. LOVE LOVE LOVE Gladney, can't say enough wonderful things about them as an organization. Love their high moral and ethical standards, work ethic, and heart for kids who need families.

Empowered to Connect
ETC has LOADS of life changing articles, videos, audio files, etc. All geared to helping you understand where you child has come from, it's affects on their brain, body, and development. Helping you gain connection and attachment to your child. One of new favorite MUST haves. I recently attended one of their conferences, and I honestly say, I think EVERY adoptive/foster parent needs to know the information they are putting out there. LIFE CHANGING for your family.

Dr. Karyn Purvis/ The Connected Child

Dr. Purvis was the main speaker at the ETC (above) conference I attended. She has written the book, The Connected Child and with TCU's institute of Child Development, they specialize in researching and understanding children who have been adopted or fostered. Dr. Purvis message of hope and healing for families is powerful and life changing. I cannot highly recommend enough that you take ANY opportunity to hear her speak, in person or DVD. DVD's are available, and I intend to own them ALL. 
At this link you can find information about her book and DVD's and lots of other information. DO IT. 

Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child   
A great book to read while waiting for your child. Gives great tips on every day parenting and understanding your child. 

More to come...I just got a whole new long list of things to read at the ETC conference! I'm still processing my notes.  

My Family, My Journey (baby book for adopted child) 
This is such a fabulous take on a traditional baby book, perfect for adoption stories!

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