Thursday, March 26, 2009

kinda bummed...waiting STINKS.

I got word tonight that our homestudy report is not ready yet. We thought it would be ready for us to view (rough draft) this week. We finished our visits 3 weeks ago...It's so hard to wait for this final piece for our dossier!! Our social worker has had some delay on the homestudy she's working on in line just before ours and so, basically it sounds like because they're done in order...ours is kind of bumped. Word is, it will be a few more weeks before we see it.

Please pray with us that it will come sooner. We REALLY want to be on the waitlist in May. We turned in our homestudy packet in January, so it's hard not to be bummed that it's taking so long. I also had a conference call with Gladney's Ethiopia program and families yesterday, and the update is the current average wait for 0-12 month infants is 8 months. That means, if we get on the waitlist in May, we'll likely be waiting till January for a referral. Of course, things could change by the time our turn comes up. I'm SO ready to be onto the next stage of this process! Especially when our dossier is all but put together and waiting for that silly homestudy and CIS approval.

Please pray for the paperwork to be able to get done quickly, and for us (ME) to have patience in God's timing. I know his timing for our referral is perfect...Once we see that sweet little face we wouldn't wish a minute of our timing to be different.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

oooh, CAN'T wait!!!

This beautiful lady is one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. She is really, more like the little sister I never had. We've been friends for 13 years, she was one of my first small group girls back in my high school ministry days, and we've been together ever since! I love her deeply. She is beautiful, kind, generous, loving, a servant, and definitely the kind of girl you want as your friend (um, but you can't have her, she's mine!).

I have had the honor and privelege of being at the birth of all of her kiddos (this will be #4). Seriously, I bawled my eyes out at all 3...I don't know how anyone can witness that and not believe that life is a total miracle from the author of creation, but I digress. She is amazing.

As the 4th, and possibly last the LAST minute, realized she didn't really have belly pics from any of her babies. Of course, I was excited and grabbed my camera and headed to her house. I made her expose that sweet belly in the windy cold march afternoon in the Pacific Northwest. But, wasn't it worth it? How cute is SHE? And her kids...beautiful!

I am so excited to meet this little one...the mommy is being induced late late thursday night. Don't bother calling me on Friday...I will be at the hospital meeting my newest neice or nephew! any photog buddies, I'm a little bummed that here on my blog, they seemed to lack the "pop" that I have have on my screen when editing. I sharpened for the web, but they seem kind of that just a blogger thing?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scattered thoughts, what's on my heart.

thought part 1-I have been challenged to the core in my bible study I'm doing, Beth Moore- Believing God. So much about faith, actually believing God, not just believing IN God...follow? There is a BIG difference. I'm learning the importance of knowing the concepts and truths of the word in the context of the WHOLE Bible. I have tended to be more of a new testament reader in my adult life, thinking that it was more applicable to my life. I grew up knowing and learning the old testament stories, and I kind of thought that was it, I knew the stories. I thought I pretty much knew what the Old testament contained, or at least what I needed to know. I have been awakened to the fact that the promises of the "new covenant" that came with Jesus in the New Testament are SO MUCH RICHER if you really get the old testament significance. They totally go hand in hand. I really love Beth Moore's passion for teaching truth and equipping women to be Bible literate. I find myself repeatedly thinking, "Lord, give me that passion for your Word!" I find myself craving it more, wishing I had more time to read the Bible. I am learning that it's MY job, as a believer, to take what I'm being taught from various teachers (pastors, bible teachers, etc) and check what "truths" are being taught against scripture. It's alot to think about, but it also gets me really excited.

Thoughts part 2-
I often feel completely inadequate to be leading the MOM's ministry at our church. Seriously, "leadership" as a quality has never ever shown up on the radar of any personality or spiritual gifts test I have ever taken. Shepherd, Yes. Leader, No. I feel like my flaws are constantly revealed. It's challenging for me to be on the strategizing end of the big picture of ministry. I am much better at "Eryn, here's what I want you to do..." I can carry that out, no problem. I enjoy it, I'm good at it. This "director" business is a whole new ball game.

At the same time, God is teaching me so much about listening to Him. That HE is glorified when I am weak. His strengths shine, where mine do not (and really, when mine do also). I am so much more dependant on Him to show up, because I often am unsure of what to do next. Beth Moore said something that really resonated with me in the video this week..."Lord, do you know that you are risking your reputation by asking me to do this?" Holy cow, that is true of me.

I have been feeling a clear sense from the Lord, that He has so much more for us, as young moms, than just surviving this season of life with our faith intact. I really believe He is calling us, beckoning us closer to Him. To not just try this recipe for Godly discipline for our children, or that method of parenting, or such and such about preschool. Those are all good, even great things. But alone, they are not enough to make me a good mom or wife. I MUST be connected to the Lord. I have confessed to the Lord and a few friends (and now all of blogland cyberspace) that I have coasted spiritually, since September 9, 2004. (The day Hayden was born). I have been blessed to have a long relationship with the Lord, lots of history. We go way back. I have often, in the last 4 and a half years wondered, "Lord, when will it be like it was before? When I could sit for 3o minutes to an hour with you, uninterrupted?" I have recently realized, that the Lord does not WANT to go back to that with me. I was not a mom then. He wants a full and rich relationship with me NOW. He wants to love me into a new place with Him. He has plans for my future not to take be back in time to where we used to be.

Ok, that was a little bit of a rabbit trail. The point is, I think that God longs for our attention NOW. The "tools" our ministry has been offering to moms in our church/community are good. Nice. Useful. Even Godly. But that is absolutely not all He has for us. He wants more than survival, He wants us to grow. He doesn't want us to coast through our journey of motherhood. I am thinking of a bike race. Motherhood is a giant hill. Can you really coast up a giant hill? No. I think He longs to give us the steam to power up the hill. I don't yet know what God wants to do. Don't know what things will change, or how they will look. I think when we've tried to estimate what the needs of moms are, we have looked pretty close to the surface. We DO need tools to discipline our kids or deal with attitudes. We do need friendship and mentors. I just am feeling like those things will go so much farther with a stronger relationship with the One who made us for mothering.

Lord, please, give me passion for you above everything else. Bless me with vision and insight into your agenda for the women I am so blessed to serve and serve with. Give me wisdom, give me boldness, give me an ounce of Leadership ability. Do it all to your Glory.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

shhh, don't tell anyone, I have a secret

And, since I have nothing more exciting to blog about right now, I will tell you.

I am really terrible at keeping certain things what we plan to name our baby girl. We have known from the beginning what we wanted to name her. Instant agreement. Our kids love it, I love it, can't imagine it being anything but this. And, for the record, I really would rather not know if you don't like it or if you knew of a nice dog with that name (yes, it's happened before with Jack). If all you have to say is "Is that the best you could come up with?" You can keep that to yourself, also. (again, with Jack, it happened).

We love and adore it, and we'd be really happy if you smile politely and say that you love it, too.

It means "bringer of Light" which we love.

Here's a few hints...

Grammy bought this cute pink shirt for her.

I found this at the goodwill for her, and this below is a little Daddy Love.

Sidenote word of advice-----back up your hard one or two places, preferable two. For the past 6 months, I've been sorting through our files, and putting EVERYTHING on an external hard drive. Every single photo of my babies for the past 5 years. Every client we've photographed (can you sense where this is going?) Well, external hard drives apparently are not indestructable, and are certainly not equipped to handle a fall from the counter top. It makes them break. It will cost LOTS of money to get your precious photos back into your hands. I know this from experience. I do know that it's most likely salvageable, and that Grammy has lots of the important pictures on discs from Costco (Thank goodness!). I did shed many a tear. Lesson? Do not leave your external hard drive on the counter. #2, back up your back up. DO IT NOW.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey Photographer pals, check this out!

I stumbled on a really cool blog for photogs today...check it out at They have some really cool texture freebies right now as well as a bunch of great tips!

*sigh*...deep breath

I feel a little lighter now the homestudy is over (at least the visit parts)! I think it was good...she didn't seem too scared by our answers on our parenting styles/methods and childhood backgrounds. :)

My angelic children slept peacefully during the ENTIRE visit...can I get a "praise Jesus!!"?

She toured our home for all of 4.6 minutes (ok, that's an estimate). Peeked into my freshly painted bathroom, but didn't actually go in. Didn't even look in the garage , which I was a little nervous about. I was afraid it would be declared un-childproof or something (although, our children ARE still healthy and alive, even with a messy garage.)

Honestly, for anyone out there still waiting for the homestudy visit, take a deep breath. It's not nearly as scary as it sounds. There were no white glove tests. In fact, today she actually talked alot with us about what to expect when bringing home baby girl. Gave good tips on dealing with the adjustment with our boys, and how important it will be to lay low for a few weeks upon coming home. It was really helpful. I felt like she was really wanting to help us, not just grill us on our history and parenting methods to approve or deny us. It was nice!

I am looking forward to getting that report finalized, which she said will be 2-3 weeks before we get our draft to review. I was a little dissappointed about that...I was hoping like 1-2 weeks. So, hopefully this time next month, I'll be ready to finalize our dossier and get our fingerprint appointment. I am really hoping by the end of april, early may will be able to get on that wait list!

Monday, March 2, 2009

FInal Homestudy and my not Me Monday

Well, I'm almost off to bed. Today was a full day of getting my house ready for the FINAL homestudy visit tomorrow. Yahoo! I did pun intended...of laundry, cleaned toilets, dusted, washed mirrors, organized toy bins...I am mostly ready. Tomorrow our social worker will "tour" our home...and hopefully appreciate my fine paint job in the bathroom :) Just kidding.

I feel good about pretty much everything.I have a few things up my sleeve for the boys to do for entertainment if needed (Thanks Christy for the tip on that!). I'm thankful that she's coming in the afternoon when the boys will be napping/having quiet time.

Once again, I'm headlong into a nasty cold. I had the flu on our last homestudy visit! What's up with that!?! You can pray that my children behave this time, and perhaps we could get through the homestudy visit without anyone pushing anyone else off the top bunk...on purpose. That would be nice.

Not Me Monday...

I did not dust my kitchen chandelier for the first time since we moved in (in July of 2007). And really...who knows if it's ever been dusted!

I did not pick up my son's chicken nuggets off the floor of the Target dressing room and hand them back to him to eat. I would NEVER do that.

I pick out a pair of pants for Jack out of the dirty laundry pile to wear today. Never!

I did not throw away 2 perfectly good puzzles today of my kiddos, because I HATE picking up puzzle peices. I would never do that behind my kids back.

Ok, I had one of those thoughts today, "I should put this in my not me's tonight" and it was a good one, but I cannot remember it for the life of me! Oh well...
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