Wednesday, March 4, 2009

*sigh*...deep breath

I feel a little lighter now the homestudy is over (at least the visit parts)! I think it was good...she didn't seem too scared by our answers on our parenting styles/methods and childhood backgrounds. :)

My angelic children slept peacefully during the ENTIRE visit...can I get a "praise Jesus!!"?

She toured our home for all of 4.6 minutes (ok, that's an estimate). Peeked into my freshly painted bathroom, but didn't actually go in. Didn't even look in the garage , which I was a little nervous about. I was afraid it would be declared un-childproof or something (although, our children ARE still healthy and alive, even with a messy garage.)

Honestly, for anyone out there still waiting for the homestudy visit, take a deep breath. It's not nearly as scary as it sounds. There were no white glove tests. In fact, today she actually talked alot with us about what to expect when bringing home baby girl. Gave good tips on dealing with the adjustment with our boys, and how important it will be to lay low for a few weeks upon coming home. It was really helpful. I felt like she was really wanting to help us, not just grill us on our history and parenting methods to approve or deny us. It was nice!

I am looking forward to getting that report finalized, which she said will be 2-3 weeks before we get our draft to review. I was a little dissappointed about that...I was hoping like 1-2 weeks. So, hopefully this time next month, I'll be ready to finalize our dossier and get our fingerprint appointment. I am really hoping by the end of april, early may will be able to get on that wait list!


More Dorrs said...

Our social worker spent about 3 seconds looking at our house. In fact, I had to have her correct the house description in our home study because she had it all wrong!

I'm hoping that you guys get your CIS appointment very quickly after you submit your homestudy. We sent ours in at the beginning of November, had our fingerprint appointment the day ofter Thanksgiving, recieved them back on the 10th of December and were waitlisted on December 11. That's Oregon's times, but I am hoping for your sake that Washington is even faster!!!


Christy. said...

Yeah! I am SO glad it is over for you, I am sure you feel relieved, I did!
It is taking our social worker longer than what she said to finish our home study. I am hoping that the final draft is done this week and so I can get it to USCIS. We just got confirmation yesterday from USCIS that all the other paperwork had been received and what our filing date is, February 18.
Have you filed your paperwork with USCIS?

Erin and Keith Sager said...

Congrats on finishing your homestudy, that's a big step, hope everything else goes quickly....

Blog Shmog said...

congratulations on completed yet another big step!

Dee said...

Sorry she didn't check out your freshly painted bathroom! I'd like to come over and check it out if that would make you feel better!

Praise the Lord! One step at a time!

Now go celebrate by cleaning the garage! HA! Just kiddin

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