Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dunes Trip Photos

happy vacation/anniversary to us!

Well, we are home recovering from our vacation to the dunes in southern oregon. We had a blast! It was really dirty, and my bed hurt my back, so after 8 days of "relaxing" I was ready to come home.

Tuesday was our 8th Anniversary! I am so so so blessed to be married to Matt. He has a beautiful heart, and is such a wonderful daddy to our boys. That was one of my vacation highlights, watching him play with our kids. Every year, we talk about the highlights of our past year together...you know what he said? He said his was that he was proud of me for making my goal of nursing Jack for one year! (Long story, I had a very miserable and unsuccessful experience nursing Hayden). How sweet is that!! It really validates the effort and work that it was, and even though it was worth it to me, I'm glad to know it was important to him because it was important to me.
My highlight was our spring break vacation to California. Playing on the warm beach with our kids at Crystal Cove, just felt like one of those moments where we were in our groove. Loving our time together...just being in God's goodness.

Anyhow, our our anniversary, Matt gave me the Africa mama and baby elephant necklace! I was so surprised...mostly because we never exchange anniversary "gifts". We usually spend our money on a getaway, but since we were already away... Anyhow, I'm a bad wife. I didn't even get him a card! (He didn't get me one either...) It was good, and we had and AWESOME dinner. Filet Mignon, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes...mmm. And best of all...like 5 hours to TALK without kids interrupting!!

We had our orientation call with AGCI, which was pretty uneventful. That is if you consider needing $9000 uneventful. Yes, that is how much we need to turn in our contract and get rolling with this adoption. We originally thought it was $6000, but we missed a tiny little $3000 on the fee schedule. SO...we are praying. We have no idea where that will come from in any quick timing. We have decided to move forward with our Home Study, which is a measly $1700. We can afford that one, and having that done will enable us to apply for some grant money. I'm not sure why, but I'm kind of nervous to start it. Are they going to look in my closets? Will they want to check how clean my refridgerator is? See what's in my pantry? See if I have childlocks on my cabinets with cleaning supplies? UGH.

that's it for today!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chapmans interview on ABC

So I am and always have been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman. I've been to several concerts, and was always impressed with his genuine heart.

I attended a Christmas concert a few years ago with my mom, and during the concert, they gave a huge adoption promotion. SCC and Mercy Me both have a passion for adoption and they really used the tour to promote God's heart for orphans. The Chapman's have a great organization called Shaohannah's Hope, that helps families financially with adoption grants (woo-hoo!).
Anyway, I remember sitting at that concert bawling my eyes out during that part of the concert, knowing even then, that God was preparing us for adoption. I watched face after face on the screen of orphaned children, and there was a choir of local kids in Foster Care and who've been adopted who sang....I came home and told Matt about how cool it was.

Anyhow, I know this story is not the newest, but I just saw this clip of thier family's interview with ABC's morning show...it's pretty cool, you should watch it if you haven't. I cry every time I hear that newer Cinderella song on the radio, and think of the Chapman family.

Click Here

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Orientation Packet! Please Pray...

I just recieved this, this morning! Our Ethiopia Program Orientation Packet. It has all kinds of goodies in it, like our contract, ideas of the timeline...Info on Ethiopia, resources for hair and skincare (thank goodness! I have been wondering about these...) the Fee schedule (OUCH) and a nice little packet on "how to finance your adoption"....we'll be needing that one!

Please pray with us. Included in the packet is our contract with the agency (All God's Children). When we sign and send it in, we need to send $6000. To put it frankly...we don't have it. We have some, but not quite half of that. Please pray for the Lord to make a way for us. We believe he is calling us to this step of faith, and we are confident that he will provide the finances we need. We believe that He already knows the child he's created to be a Kesler. She may not be born, or even conceived. But we know He knows her.
Psalm 139-
13 You made my whole being;
you formed me in my mother's body.
14 I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way.
What you have done is wonderful.
I know this very well.
15 You saw my bones being formed
as I took shape in my mother's body.
When I was put together there,
16 you saw my body as it was formed.
All the days planned for me
were written in your book
before I was one day old.

I get so emotional when I read these words. As a mom, I have always loved this Psalm, but now it means something new to me. It gives me peace about the journey...That even though I can't know her (yet), it comforts me that the Lord does. He is creating her to be who he wants her to be. It is all his timing. Even as we wait for finances, that could really be the Lord holding us up for just the right timing for our sweet girl to come into this world.

Anyhow, we are asking God to show us the way. Asking him to lead us to the money...In the words of Jerry Maguire...I'm asking God to "Show me the Money!!"

White Babies @ WalMart

So, I made a late night run into WalMart. We're getting ready to go camping and I needed to pick up a few things. I'd rather dodge the crates in the aisles at 11pm than wrestle 2 boys during the day...

So, I was near the toy section. This whole Ethiopian adoption thing has gotten me alert to some things...As I wandered near the baby doll aisle, I thought, maybe I'll find a little baby doll for my future girl to stash away. As a little girl, I LOVED my babies, so as I daydream about my girl to be, one of the first purchases on my list, is a baby doll for her. So I wandered down the aisle. There was 10,000 baby dolls, and ONE of them, one lonely Cabbage Patch girl, had dark brown skin. All the rest were white. White, white babies. I never noticed things like that before. What in the world? A few days ago, I spotted this adorable baby doll, named "Coco" online. I will be saving my pennies for her, and writing a letter to Wal-Mart!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We're officially accepted!

I just got this email from our agency! I am so excited, now we're officially into the Ethiopia program!

Matthew and Eryn,

I am happy to welcome you to our agency as an applicant to our Ethiopia program! We have received your application and after review, I have approved you to start with AGCI. I will mail out your Orientation Packet via USP ground mail, tomorrow, and you should be receiving it soon. It will enclose the contract agreements for our Ethiopia program and your next steps.

We need to set up an orientation call that will take place with me discussing the packet I sent, and preparing you as a client through our agency. I will need to speak with both of you and typically couples do this via speaker phone, conference call, or if you have two home phones. Please let me know when a good time would be for this conversation to take place—after you have received the packet and reviewed its contents. It normally is about 15-30 minutes, depending on any additional questions you may have.

In other news, darling toddler, sunk my second cell phone in 2 weeks, in a glass of water this morning. Un-stinking-beliveable! I do not want to be spending money on stupid cell phones right now! I have never been so motivated to save money before (a baby girl from africa is SO worth saving for!! These are big words from me...I am a spender. I LOVE a good deal and saving money that way, but I still am a spender, ask Hubby)Anyway, my heart has been heavy, wondering how in the world we will come up with the money needed. I know in my head that God has never ever led us somewhere he did not pave the way for us to be. Nepal, he provided the cash we never thought would come together. When Matt quit his job to go to school, God met our every need. I really believe that this will be no different. But these tiny little expenses are eating me up inside! grrr. Then, my sweet husband emailed me this...

I am not speechless - we need to realize that there is an enemy that would love nothing more than to detract us... I believe that there is a child that God has created "knit togeather" to be a part of our family, a child that will grow up to honor Him. a tight budget... a broken cell phone... all little things ment to keep our eyes, minds and hearts distracted from our goal of Honoring our Father.

Dont fall for it Babe... In fact be encouraged the enemy only strikes on a front that threatens his wicked little plans - he only has dominion in this world... Our Father controls the heavens and the earth.
love you

What a good man! Good word, hubby!
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