Friday, December 26, 2008

journal entry

Today I spent some time praying and reading. I decided to read through Exodus this month (these people were on a BIG journey, many milestones, many hardships, and God carried them through...seemed fitting to me!)
Today, this verse caught my eye...Ex. 14:14-"The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still". So, I sat and was still and prayed. Here's an entry from my journal today.

12/26/08 3pm
Lord, as I faced Christmas I was overwhelmed at times, with the ache in my heart for our daughter. I don't even know her face yet, Lord, but our family does not feel complete without her. There were a few moments when I found myself with tears in my eyes as I imagined picking out gifts for her along with ones for my boys. My heart longs for her to be here with us. I often wonder about her, where she might be. She is most likely in her mother's womb. Lord, cover them both with your wonderful comfort and protection. Right now, her mother is probably wondering how she will take care of her baby, let alone herself. Lord, I pray that you be preparing her mother's heart for what lay ahead. I pray that you provide for her physical needs as she carries this sweet baby girl. Give her a place of safety to BE, nutritious food to nourish them both. Lord, bless this momma. Give her peace and health. Give her wisdom as she makes choices for both of their futures. Protect our daughter, Lord. Allow her to safely grow and thrive.

Lord-make a way for our finances to come togehter, whatever way possible. WE trust you to show us the way to bring our girl home. Amen

12/26/08 10pm

OK Lord, You are CRAZY! Just this afternoon I prayed for a way to move ahead-and just 2 hours later we received a gift a $2000 gift for our adoption! I am overwhelmed with joy. YOU are amazing! Please show us which way to go from here...



Trish said...

Wow~I'm crying Eryn. That was an amazingly beautiful prayer~

I love that you just called the Lord CRAZY!

I think He is sometimes too, in the most amazing ways!

annaliese said...

awesome :)

Cory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meredith said...

Wow!!! Beautiful!! Awesome!! Amazing!! Only God!!!

Blog Shmog said...

Cool story! God is awesome. :)

To answer your question about the market bags I make. I do not use a pattern. I just made up my own measurements. I make two different kinds. If you want me to send you the measurements and how-to just let me know.

Jana said...

So happy for you Eryn!!! All your efforts are so worth it!!

Denise Crawford said...

God is so good!!! We can hardly wait to welcome the baby girl that He is preparing for you and our family!! You'd better hold on tight as you wait before Him - He's got an amazing plan in place for you and your sweet baby girl! This Grammy is READY!!!


Dee said...

God is bigger than anything! Even astronomical adoption agency fees and especially money!

God is good all the time. Keep your eyes on the goal!

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