Sunday, December 7, 2008

My baby is two!!

Seriously, I can't believe it. I feel like it was just last week that he was born. My big big baby boy.

Jack was born at 9:30 am 2 years ago! A whopping 9lb 12 oz. I loved that the doctor asked me just before I was wheeled in to the OR, how much I thought he'd weigh. I said 9lb 11oz. (He was 12 days late, and I knew he'd be a, shall we say "generous" size)

Right after he was out and weighed, Dr Eric, said..."you were right! (technically he was like 9lb 11.6 oz, they rounded up)"! Mom's always know!" It made me feel good, right off the bat, to have known my boy better than anyone. To this day, he's a mama's boy all the way!

This morning, when Jackers woke up, he came out and I said, "Happy Birthday, big boy!" and he gave me the biggest, longest, loving hug ever. Squeezed tight around my favorite kind.

Here's a birthday note for my baby boy:

Dear Jacker...

Oh, boy I'm already crying thinking about how much my heart is so full right now. YOU are such a special boy. You and I have clicked right from the start. You are my snuggley buggley boy.

Since you could control those chunky little hands of yours, when I'd rock you before bed, or while nursing, you'd reach up and touch my face with your little hands. So gentle and soft, just rubbing my face. When you were a little bigger, you'd want your cheeks, right next to mine while we snuggled. You'd reach up and pull my face to yours with your to skin. To this day, you hug me so tight and give me sweet lovin' kisses all the time, many times a day, by your initiation. When I tuck you in at night, you say "UG, mama" (aka...HUG) and you squeeze my neck tight and make these little sounds that tell me you savor the moment as much as I do. When you want to snuggle you still grab my face and rub your little hands on my cheek. You and me speak the same "love language"...physical touch!

I am loving this phase of you the most of all. You are all boy...sticky, dirty, smelly feet, the whole bit. You are mischief and independant, but you'll sing to me whenever I ask. You make up little tunes, and hum them to me at bed time. We were at a friends house awhile back and you just came up to me on the floor, and gave me a big ol' Jack hug. She said, "Wow, is he always like that?" and I said are so loving! I get unsolicited "UG"s all day long.

You are talking up a storm, a little parrot copying whatever your big brother says. "What doing, Mama?" you asked me tonight when I was decorating the christmas're so curious and inquisitive. You love think everything is a soccer ball, no matter how much Daddy tries to teach you about basketball. You are pretty coordinated, and love tossing and catching balls, riding bikes, and run, run, run, every chance you get. I think you're a little musical, you love to sing. Whenever we're in the car, you love to sing along or make up your own tune while we drive.

I pray that as you grow, your loving heart will turn to compassion for others. You are so quick to love on others, I can see that turning into compassion and serving those who need to be loved on. You are stubborn, yet really likeable. I pray that determination will be used for God's glory and that you'll be able to harness that passion and give it to God for his use. I am thankful every single day, for such a loveable boy, who shows me everyday, that you love me too. There are so many days, when I'm struggling to keep it together, and you'll reach those little arms up and say "UG, Mama" and squeeze me tight. It makes me stop in my tracks and say, "Wow, thanks, Lord. I really needed a good hug to change my heart." You are so good for my soul, little man. Your tender heart is good for mine.

I love you so so much, and I hope those good "Ug's" never stop. They make my day, everyday. I love you, big boy!!

Love, Mama


Our journey said...

What a sweet post Eryn!

missy said...

he sounds like a dear boy! enjoy those UG's!!!

Lee Ann said...

OOh, what a sweet boy. I hope he never stops Ugging his momma.

Trish said...

Ummm, now you made me cry! Happy B-day Jack!!

Your baby sounds exactly like my "baby"! I wonder if those are second born traits, because they seriously have many similiarities!

Meredith said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! Love your smiles and love you!!

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