Travel to Ethiopia

We traveled to Ethiopia in May of 2010 to bring home our daughter, Lucy. We arrived a few days early, so we could travel to Lucy's birth city of Gondar before receiving placement of our girlie. When we traveled, Ethiopia was still operating under the one trip rule (vs. the newer requirement of families to first travel for the adoptive child's court date and again a second time for U.S. Embassy appointments and placement of the child).

Here are the links to our travel posts...I hope they can be helpful to families traveling soon. I know when I was waiting and planning our travel, I spent hours pouring over every detail of other families trips to Ethiopia. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Day 1-Hello From Addis!
Day 2- Gondar 
     I also had two jet lagged attempts at blogging Gondar, if you care to read)
Day 3- Lucy Day!
Day 4- Family Bonding Day
Day 4-Life with Lucy Melat
Day 5- Gladney Care Center Visit and Top View
Day 5-Life with Lucy part 2
Day 6-U.S. Embassy , Holy Trinity Church, & Fasika
Day 7- Birth Family Meeting 

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