Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ethiopia Day 4-Family bonding Day

I can't believe we have been home for 4 weeks! That just seems crazy. So, now I will officially try to get my Ethiopia blogging done! I already blogged about Gondar, and our meeting Lucy Melat.

Technically this was our 4th day in Ethiopia. We didn't go anywhere at all, we just spent the day doting on Lucy and getting to know her. It was a really great day! We spent lots of time out side in the garden at the Bejoe, relaxing and getting some air. Here's some things we learned about our girl that day:

  • she is a happy smiley girl, she only cried when hungry or tired (both easily fixable!)
  • She was starting to crawl in little rough movements and bouncing on all 4's. It was amazing that our one on one attention to encourage her, and how fast her skills were improving just in 24 hours!
  • She could sit, but was not really solid.
  • She likes her head to be jammed into the corner of the crib when she sleeps.
  • Her favorite toy was a red rattle we brought from home that was also Hayden's favorite and Jack's!
  • She loves bathtime.
  • She can say Da-Da. It was not intentional at first, but has quickly realized it means Daddy.
We spent the day laying low, totally enjoying our girl. We ate pizza from Rico's for dinner (an easy to get to place from Bejoe with lots of choices). It was a great day.

Her tongue was ALWAYS out. We weren't sure if it was a nervous thing, or just feeling out her two new teeth.

Felt so so right having her in our arms!


Leslie said...

She's a doll. It's great that she seems to be adjusting well.

Thanks for the great comment on my blog. I LOVE hearing anything about our boys... and I'm always happy to good things about them. We can't wait to get over there... I can't believe we are finally looking into reservations for the trip.

Lee Ann said...

I just love those pictures! She is soooo caauuuute! Just can't imagine what you were thinking sitting there holding her - or even now, 4 weeks later.

Tracy said...

Well, she sure is a smiling beauty!

Mark and Heidi said...

Oh, what amazing pictures! It's weird but even though we were all there together I feel like we hardly saw you guys. I guess all our drama got in the way of some of that. Still, I miss you all. There were so many small and large guestures from you guys that meant so much to us (water at the care center, snack bars at the hospital, hugs in and between!!!).

Hugs from the four of us...

J Gutwein said...

I really love the first picture.. she is so adorable and has so much personality in her face. Love, J

Walter said...

Wow, Eryn. Lucy is such a darling! My wife would love to see her photos. She's fond of pictures of kids with their tongue sticking out. Ha ha! I know how it feels to just spend a whole day with your family, not doing anything but enjoying each other's company. That's what we usually do when we go to the parks in Denver, CO. Whenever we feel like not eating out or going to amusement parks, we just go to parks and play some frisbee.

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