Friday, June 18, 2010


Today Lucy and I got to go to a fun playdate. These are some of the fantastic women I've met along the adoption journey through blogging. Most are local (except two who were visiting)...but most are local gals who have been an encouragement and inspiration to me along the way. It was SO fun to see all the beautiful blessings in the their mama's arms today.

I'm sure I was breaking all the rules by taking her "out" in a crowd today, but I couldn't resist THIS crowd. So fun to see all of you ladies today!

Everyone is asking how we are adjusting. I'm not gonna's wonderful and hard. We are so thrilled to have her HERE with us. It feels so right. BUT...the big BUT, is that three kids is just hard. The boys love her to bits...and it makes her and us a little crazy at times. Hayden melts down when she has to go down for a nap because, and I quote (in a screaming melting down voice), "I just love her SO SO MUCH. I just want to PLAY with her ALL. THE. TIME!" Pretty sure they think she's a new fantastic toy. We've got a lot of baby talk happening around here, and most of it's not coming from the baby. Emotions are high right now in all of us. We are sleeping really really well, and that makes everything seem more manageable. Lucy girl is napping about 4-5 hours a day average and sleeping about 12 hours a night. So, even if she's a pill the rest of the day, we can't complain! She is a happy smiley girl the majority of the time, even though she's teething like a madwoman and drooling like it's going out of style. Our neice Abby says "Auntie, Woocy is drippin". Our worst moments seem to be getting everyone to bed...all of us are just a mess by that point of the day. Energy is low for mom and day, and emotions are boiling over for all of us. But...the sweetest snuggles happen while tucking all the little nuggets into bed, and that never gets old. Lucy is a busy busy bee...she is crawling like crazy, pulling up on everything, including tackling our stairs (thankfully a short set of 3 steps). I'm pretty sure she'll be walking by her birthday. She is eating us out of house and home...powering down three "meals" a day along with 4 bottles a day. The girl likes to eat, which you would not know by looking at her skinny tall self. Well, a babe is calling....that's it for tonight!


Jon, Lindsay, and the pups!!! said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to meet all you wonderful women and your little blessings! Can't wait until our little one is home...although we have a long way to go!

Mark and Heidi said...

Oh, I miss you guys! I can relate to the bedtime challenges. Definitely the hardest part of our day too. And I am jealous of how much Lucy sleeps! Sounds like she is doing great! Keep the updates coming when you can :-)

Love from all of us!

Tracy said...

I'm loving all of these updates! Thank you for sharing about your trip and also what life has been like since coming home!

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