Monday, June 21, 2010

My List

Got this from my friend Trish...she rocks.

Here's my version:
I am…. enjoying reading the Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson
I think….I am done with 3 kids :)
I should….be folding laundry.
I dream…. about going to a photography workshop/mentoring session.
I want…. to be the greatest influence in my kids lives for Christ.
I know….I married the perfect man for me.
I don’t like….seeing moms smoke in a minivan full of children.
I smell….fabric softener.
I hear….my sweet girl gurgling and laundry tumbling in the dryer.
I fear….losing my role of influence in Hayden's life when he starts kindergarten.
I usually….forget what I came in here for.
I search….for my journal from Ethiopia, currently. I am scatterbrained. I lose things alot.
I miss…my friends. Adopting a baby means we are home. alot.
I always….get going on a project, and get distracted before I finish.
I regret….not going to college right after high school, and finishing.
I wonder….could homeschooling work for us?
I crave….living on some property where my kids can run around outside and explore daily.
I remember…. family vacations to the beach.
I need…. Jesus.
I forget…. that I need Jesus most of all.
I feel…. at peace. Humbled at where God has brought us.
I can….be crafty.
I can’t….do math.
I am happy…. when our family is enjoying eachothers company.
I lose…. my mind when my kids say, "mom. mom. mom. mom. mom....."
I sing….songs from Glee.
I listen…. to worship music. Matt Maher is my current fave.
I shop…. at the goodwill. alot.
I eat…. too many cookies.
I love….Twilight. Don't mock me.
I wish…. I could go on a photography equipment shopping spree.

My summer reading list:
Yes, I have already read Eclipse twice, but, I want to have it fresh in my mind when I see the movie next week! The Mission of Motherhood is so so good. Exactly what I need to be reading right now. Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child, is so good. Very helpful. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella was a great quick read. Loved it!


Lisa said...

I'd love to read Eclipse again, but I read New Moon right before I saw the movie and it ruined it for me. It was too fresh in my head so I was picking up on everything that didn't flow with the book. Can't wait for Eclipse!

I second that "Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child" is a great book. I even have my mom reading it.

Amber said...

loving the list. thinking I might do the same on my blog:) i also have a pile of books to go thru.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Your faith, your grace, your life as a mommy......everything about you makes me smile!!

So many things to comment on this post, so here I go:

I just ordered Dancing with my Father by Sally Clarkson. I can't wait to read it.

Do not fear losing your role in Hayden's life when he starts Kindergarten. It will be at that time that he will need your influence the most. He will come home everyday with something "new" to share with you. Be available!

Your friends miss you too! And soon you will be back into your routine (or your new routine) and this time will be a season past. But for now, it is your season. In the meantime, go read this
it is my favorite read lately, and I've been back to it everyday this week.

I think homeschooling could work for anyone (at least I'm praying it does :0)! I am certain it could work for you!!!

Glee is my secret obsession....I missed the entire season, but have been getting the episodes from Netflix. I {heart} Glee!!

Ahhh, I love thee too!

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