Sunday, December 27, 2009

"The Call"- How it went down

For about 2 weeks now, we've had the feeling that our referral call could be anytime. We were really hopeful that we'd see our girls face by Christmas. Then Monday rolled around, when we woke up that morning we talked a little bit about our expectations. We kind of decided to let go of that expectation to hear anything before the holidays and just be patient for January to roll around. I'm so glad we did, it was really nice to enjoy a few days without feeling like my phone had to be on me at all times, or jumping every time it rang.

So the week went by and we relaxed. Christmas Eve was so nice with our family. We opened gifts, including many for Miss Lucy. Then, we returned to my folks on Christmas morning for our traditional big breakfast. We opened our stockings...and again, a few more surprises for Lucy. We thought about how fun it would be to put cute headbands and girly socks on her in the future. Our day went by, we were all relaxed, still wearing our new Christmas jammies (except for Matt, he has issues with wearing sweats or pj's in public).

About 2:30 my phone rang with an odd 'number withheld" showing on the ID. I figured it was one of our out of town family members calling to wish us a Merry Christmas. I was too slow, and it stopped ringing before I could answer. Immediately after, my hubby's phone rang, showing the same thing "number withheld". He answered, and calmly said,  "Hello. Merry Christmas to you, too." I figured it was my father in law or brother in law. After a minute or so, he said "OK... hey, honey, It's The Call, get the computer!"

I said, "WHAT?? You're kidding!" I really thought he was. Surely they wouldn't be calling on Christmas...Gladney was closed for the holidays and the weekend. He assured me it was THE CALL and it was real. To which I promptly replied, "I LOOK LIKE CRAP!!" I had not showered, I was still in my jammies and grubby glasses. No makeup. Greasy hair. (yes...I am that shallow to be worried about how I'd look in the pictures my mom was going to take!) I realized there was no hope of improving that, and grabbed the camera for my mom. We opened the laptop and Kristin from Gladney told us she was sending us a few emails to go over with her. It took a few attempts on her end...she was spending Christmas at her parents house and using her dad's computer to send our emails. We couldn't believe that she took the time on CHRISTMAS to call us and make it the best Christmas EVER for us.  We got the email, opened it up and saw the sweetest face ever looking back.

Kristin was busy telling us all of the details, which we only vaguely heard...we were too distracted by the beautiful girl we were looking at! We finally started paying attention to what Kristin was saying, which was that she was 4.5 months old, described by her caretakers as  "Happy, Happy!" and engaging and personable baby who is generous with wide smiles.  Kristin gave us her background story, which broke our hearts for her. We knew that our blessing would not come without heartache along with it. We knew that the reason she would be ours, would be because of tragedy in her family. No matter how much you think you're prepared for that, you just can't be.

We were beyond blessed that we got our call on Christmas Day. It was the best Christmas ever. We were so happy that our loved ones were there with us when we got the call to enjoy the moment with us. Our kids peeked over as we looked at her pictures and then quickly ran off to play with their new toys. Since then, they've gotten really excited that their sister is coming, that we have a face to love.

Hayden wanted his own copies of her photos to put in his own little book, and he's making up stories about a tiny little girl named Lucy, who came one day to a boy named Hayden's house. He is already in love with her. Jack, honestly, is a little bit oblivious. He will catch on soon enough.

We are totally smitten with our sweet girl. We are thanking the Lord for giving us such a precious gift this Christmas. We continue to pray for him to be glorified through the remainder of this process. We get asked constantly, what is next. What's the next step...unfortunately for us, we don't get to hop on a plane just yet. Our next step is waiting for a court date in Ethiopia. Gladney will shortly be submitting our files to the court system to move forward with finalizing the adoption. We expect it to be 3-4 months before we get to travel to Ethiopia to bring her home. In the mean time, we're forcing our photo books with Lucy's pictures in them on anyone who stands still long enough to see them :) I can't share them online until we have passed court, but believe me, she's so lovely!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to Us! (NOW it's the referral!!)

We can't even believe it! Several days ago, we completely let go of the expectation to get "the call" before January. But...the shock of our lives was today when Kristin from Gladney called us at 2:30 today wishing us Merry Christmas and telling us she had a referral for us!

More details to come when my brain returns to a solid state...I'm mush right now!

Quick details...she is 4.5 months old, 11.2 lbs, and healthy and described as a "happy happy baby". We are  already in love with her!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tissue Needed (no, not a referral yet!)

My sweet friend Aimee texted me this morning a quick "look up this song and listen to it".

I had wished she'd given me a tissue alert...If you have adopted a child, are waiting for a child to come home, waiting to see your child's face for the first time, or just give a hoot in general about adoption and/or orphans...get out your kleenex. Your gonna want it handy.

Matt and I dove into resurfacing the hardwood floors in Lucy to be's room this morning. I put on the ipod and asked him to turn up the song (Merry Christmas by Third Day) that Aimee told me about. About 3 seconds into the song I was crying...the UGLY cry. I'm sure you know the one...Matt asked me jokingly, "Did they write this for us?" It's a good one.

First, watch this. If you are or have been on the adoption journey, you will SO be able to relate. It's the story of how this song came to be. ( So sorry, this post will take you about 9 minutes total to watch!)

Then, watch this (this is the actual song)

Then, hug your kiddos tight, and be thankful you have them in your arms this Christmas.
We had so hoped to see little baby girls face before Christmas, but we're trying really hard to stay present with our kids and enjoy what we do have. I have thought SO much about our girl, and this song sums up my prayers perfectly. I have prayed so often these past weeks, every night when I'm trying to fall asleep but thinking of her instead.  Praying that God would be overwhelming comfort in her tiny little presence. That God would hold her close when I can't. Whisper lullabies in her ear when I can't. Love her when I can't. The beautiful thing is, he will keep doing those things, even when we have her home, but it is so comforting to know his arms are around her until we get to her. And then, he'll use our arms to love and comfort her.

Merry Christmas, and to all of you waiting for your babes and children, we are thinking so often of you and praying for a quick process for all of us to get our kiddos home into our families.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Update on Neumans...keep praying!

Update from Neumans: Claudia has A.L.L Leukemia. Prognosis is good. The expected treatment is to last 2 years with intense round of Chemo for first 30 days.  Caringbridge site will come soon. Thank you for all the prayers!!!

Please keep praying friends...they have a tough road ahead, but we have a HUGE God. And he is good, even when times are overwhelming.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please Pray.

I was about to write a whiney post this afternoon. About what a bummer week it's been with no apparent referrals from our agency (Gladney). Just a slow week. Then, I was perusing Facebook, looking for any referral news when I spotted an urgent prayer request from a sweet friend from church and my MOM's group. Suddenly, my perspective is much clearer.

Steve and Becki Neuman have a 4 year old daughter, Claudia, who just two days ago complained of bad leg aches. When she didn't stop complaining about it, Becki took her in to the Dr. Xrays were done, blood work drawn...which led to some results the pathologist didn't like. Preliminary results are pointing towards Leukemia. They are waiting for more conclusive test results. Tonight, Becki and Claudia were called into Doernbecher Children's Hospital, to prep sweet little Claudia for a bone marrow test tomorrow.

Please, Please, lift up our friends in prayer. Steve happened to be traveling out of town this week, and is catching an early flight home tomorrow. They have two other children as well....please pray for peace, for calm hearts, and negative results. Pray for Becki, as she's in the middle of this without her hubby next to her (physically) and for Steve, as I'm sure it's so so hard to be distanced from his family right now. Pray that the Lord would fill their hearts with his words of scripture, his comfort and his love. Lord, let them have restful sleep tonight. are mighty to save. Please do it here, again.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I let my baby boy stay up til 10 because he wanted to snuggle with me extra. And I let him. For him, of course, after all it was his birthday. I layed on the couch for a while an just smelled his clean little head while we cuddled. We talked about when he was a crabby baby. He reminded me that he is NOT a baby, he is a BOY. I thought about how many hours I spent snuggling him, nursing, rocking, loving. We rubbed eachothers faces.

He said, "I love you, Mama. I love you MUCH.'

"I love you MUCH MUCH" I said.

"I love you MUCH MUCH MUCH" he said.

"I love you MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH, Buddy."

I love YOU Mucha, Bucha, Crucha, Mama."

*SIGH* Perfect end to my day. Love that boy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!

My baby turns 3 tomorrow, and I am in shock. I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were stuffing him into a red stocking at the hospital! (All the december babes got them!).

My sweet Jack...

I can't believe that 3 years have gone by since I first held you! From your first moments, you have been a passionate, spunky boy and now is no different! You love passionately and fiercely. Your passion also reveals itself in stubborn determination. Every day, I relish in your sweet hugs and kisses that you generiously pour out on me. We joke that you have a strong line of "crawford DNA" (mommy's side of the family!)...You remind me alot of your Grandpa. You have a very clear idea of what your opinions are, but right along with it, you have the softest heart every. Mushy Mushy love fills you up and you share it with anyone who will stand still long enough to let you hug them. Literally. Your strongest trait is that you are a lover. Each night, you come out of your room about 4 times before you finally fall asleep, telling me you need "one more hug". Daddy says I have a soft spot for you, and I think he's right. I can't resist your lovin'. I love that at the end of the day,  your biggest complaint is that we didnt' get enough snuggles. Every time  I put you to bed, you reach your hand out to my face and just rub my cheek. You reach up, grab my neck and pull my face to yours until we're cheek to cheek. And you breathe deep like it's the best part of your day...and I soak it up, it's often the best part of mine. In that moment, my day melts away. I forget the potty training woes, or the fact that you crept into my bed at 3am tickling my nose with your wispy wild curls. In our cheek to cheek minutes, all I can think about is how much I love you and how thankful I am to have such a lovin' boy.

You go a million miles an hour all day, trying to keep up with your big brother. You have a wild imagination, making up crazy stories all day long to tell me. Your spunk gets you into trouble often, like when earlier this week, you flushed your dirty undies down the toilet. There is never EVER a dull moment. I am so thankful for the laughs and the love you bring to our family. I pray that your heart and love will grow into a deep love for Jesus and others. I pray that your passion and determination will lead you to be compassionate and determined to help others. That your spunk will turn into confidence and leadership in others lives. I know that God has big big plans for you, little man. I love you so much! Hugs and kisses, Mama

Ethiopia Sponsorship Opportunity!

I am pasting this from Amy Bottomly's blog. A WONDERFUL way to make a big difference for an orphan.

Our Ethiopia online Connect Community through Children's HopeChest is making more matches for children at Ethiopia Children's Home in Addis Ababa. To review... our connect community has currently fully sponsored Kebebtsehay Orphanage, and Moses' Orphanage. We also have some kids now that we are sponsoring at Kolfe Orphanage (some of our boys moved from Kebebtsehay to Kolfe) and we are close to having Ethiopia Children's Home fully sponsored. We had it fully sponsored, but some new children have been added. SO, we have some more matches to make!

Sponsorship through Children's HopeChest is $34/ month and it is holistic and long-term. The Children's HopeChest sponsorship model addresses the following five areas of need:

Spiritual Development- Every 50 kids will have 1 discipler assigned to them. The discipler will meet with the kids weekly, and act as a mentor to them.
Physical Development- Most extreme and basic needs first: Food, Clothing, Shelter, etc.
Educational Development- Make sure that the kids make it through primary and secondary school as well as Trade School or University.
Medical/Dental Needs
Emotional Needs- Counseling needs for any abandonment issues, etc.

Children's HopeChest will also offer Life Skills training to the children. Teaching them how to live independently as some of them age out of orphan care.

To read more about sponsorship through Children's HopeChest please click here. To read more about Ethiopia Children's Home please click here.

One of our sponsors, Lindsey, recently received a letter from her sponsor child. She blogged about it right here. Read her post. It is so sweet.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crazy Dreams and Bah Humbug.*edited*

*new note!* Another infant referral today!!*

Today, I woke up at 6 am from a dream about our girl. I have dreamed about a generic baby before, but never seen a sweet girly face. Today I did...and it was SO sweet. I was snuggling her in a baby sling "bonding" with her, and she was smiling and cooing at me with big brown eyes.

I had a hard time falling back to sleep (but I did :). I just layed in bed with this real sense that Lord was telling me to get ready. We are close. So I prayed. Prayed for our girl, prayed for her family. It brings tears to my eyes to think that thier goodbyes are probably so fresh right now. That their grief will bring us joy. That another families sorrow or tragedy will bring a daughter to our family. It's SO hard to wrap my head around some days. While we're so ready to have and love her, it is just a very sad and broken world that brings adoptions about...there is just no way around that.

I have had a hard time shifting into Christmas mode. I usually LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. I love giving gifts, I love talking to my kids about Jesus birthday and the reason why we celebrate. Love hunting Christmas Trees, love making cookies. I am a lover of family traditions and Christmas is full of them. But I keep hearing myself say last Christmas that "hopefully we'll have her home with us next Christmas". That was a dumb thing to say. Adoptions are so unpredictable in a timeline sense. We completely trust and believe it's God's timing. We absolutely dont' want anything BUT that. I know some of you don't share that belief, but it  is THE reason we are in this thing. For some reason my heart is reluctant to dive into the festivities without our girl. I'm so hoping we'll see her face by Christmas.

I actually thought this morning, "I should do my hair this morning, just in case we get "the call". I want to look decent for pictures". Silly, right? It could happen at this point. Matt and I went over our plan for when we get "the call" last night. I text him first. If he doesn't respond, I call the school secretary to track him down. Then we'll meet at my parents house (right by the school) to call our caseworker together and be in front of the computer to see that sweet face together with my folks and our boys.

So, now, we just need THE CALL. I'm ready.

ps...there was actually 2 families yesterday with referrals, one with siblings who was below us on the list, and one beautiful 2 month baby girl! Yahoo! Congrats Andrews and Bottomlys!

Monday, November 30, 2009

inching closer!

Another Gladney family got a baby girl referral today! That leaves just two families ahead of us on the "unofficial" list specifying a baby girl in our age bracket (and one of them is a baby girl or siblings, so sometimes that changes things...) WooHoo! Leaves us 6th overall...unofficially. And of the 6, 3 are requesting a baby or siblings. Yay!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Well, tomorrow, Friday, marks the 6th month for us on the waitlist. The past two weeks have shown alot of action on the referrals. The average waitlist time went down this month...Yay! From "8 full months" to 7.5 months...which is great news! It means family have recently spent a little less time in the wait for their kiddos. That is crazy good! Many families brought home thier little ones this month, to thier forever families! If you want to see the sweetness, check out the video on Emily's blog, bringing home thier newest addition to meet the rest of thier family. Get your tissue handy. I CAN"T even watch these withough loosing it anymore. I am starting to feel a little bit like I have near the end of my pregnancies with my boys. Teary! Everything makes me want to cry. Blogs, sweet comments, movies, heck even a commercial got me teary this week. I'd swear this adoption is affecting my female crying hormones!

We are so looking forward to seeing baby girls face for the first time, and I chose this particular #6 photo because of the period. I'm hoping that's it for us. 6. Six, period. We are still completely content, waiting on God to open the right doors, for the right daughter for our family. That being said, we'd LOVE to see her face soon, by Christmas would be fantastic. I remember last year thinking at this time, that maybe this year we'd HAVE her by Christmas. But, in my heart, I'm prepared for the long haul, still mentally prepared for February to be our referral month. As things started really moving a week ago on the "unofficial" list, I actualy kind of had a moment of panic. "shoot, am I ready for 3 kids? I haven't painted, and her bedding isn't made, and the floors are unfinished in her room!" then, I realized, those are not the things that make us ready, really. The Lord made our hearts ready, almost 9 years ago for this baby girl, and he will give us everything we need to have her here with us. Sanity, bedding, love. Mostly Love. That is the best part to get ready for! We are READY for that!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't Forget!!

Don't forget!

The Open House Holiday Shopping Party Benefitting Casey and Aimee Graves Ethiopian Adoption fund is tomorrow night! (See post below!)

Also, all my Etsy shop sales proceeds between now and Dec 5th will go to the Graves as well. Orders must be recieved by Dec. 10th to be recieved in time for Christmas.

Check out the goodies!

Monday, November 16, 2009

You are Invited!!

This Friday, I get the privilege of hosting a mini fundraiser for our sweet friends, The Graves Family. They are in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia! We have been so amazingly blessed along our adoption journey by friends helping us out, that I could NOT resist an opportunity to try and help someone else on the same path.

SO, if you live in our area (Portland/Vancouver), we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you Friday night. It is Open House style Holiday Shopping from 7-9pm. There will be bunches of beautiful handmade jewelry made my Ms. Aimee, some by friends, and of course, I'll be taking orders for my custom handstamped silver jewelry. There will be some handmade purses, baby onesies, some other fun accessories. There hopefully be some adorable sandals from ( I haven't recieved them yet), and some fantastic partylite candles! All of the handmade goods will go 100% to the Graves adoption fund, and 50% of the Partylite proceeds will go them, and $5 from each Sseko sandal sale will go the Graves.

Of course, we will have delicious desserts, appetizers and some hot beverages for you all to enjoy while perusing the lovelies. What better way to get your holiday gifts taken care of and support such a wonderful cause? Please stop by!

If you DON'T live in the area or just can't come, I will be giving all the proceeds from my Etsy shop sales from Friday until Dec 5th to the Graves fund. Please, please, think about supporting them!

Leave me a comment if you want to attend, and I'll send you directions! Eryn

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


5 Months that is. And one day, to be exact. That's how long we've been on the waitlist. Honestly, we are doing good. Time has gone by fast so far. It's nice to realize we are more than halfway through the estimated wait.

We can't wait to see the face of our baby girl, but are totally trusting in God's perfect timing. We know that he already knows her face, her story, and how she'll fit into our family. That gives us alot of comfort.

Sometimes, I wonder where she is. What her birthmother is facing. Do they have nutrition? Do they have a home? Are they healthy? Then I quickly realize it does me NO GOOD to wonder. I just have to believe that God has this one. He knows it all, and probably more than we ever will about her story. He knows it. He sees it. He cares about it. He loves our girl more than we ever will be capable of. He will comfort her, and love her now, and when she's here with us. That gives us the ability to trust his timing.

Baby Girl, we're getting closer! We can't wait to see your face.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos...and my bday!

I have been busy editing photos this past week, which has worked out well, since my family has been sick! I posted more on my photoblog...but here's a sneek peek!

And, my ADORABLE cousin babies!! I wanted to chase down the big one and kiss her, and just shut that blue suitcase and bring home the little guy!

So, my fam has been sick all week. First my darling teacher hubby brings home some germs...then he kindly shares with all of us! Of course, it's never everyone at once, but staggered to cover a whole week...awesome!

So, Monday was my birthday. Sick kids and all, we were housebound. BUT My sweet friend, Heidi, brought me a yummy birthday Mocha, delivered to my door (Thanks Heidi! You are so thoughtful and knew just what I needed!).

Then I got a wonderful package delivered to my door...with Baby Lucy inside! I giggled and LOVED her! For those of you who don't know, we plan to name baby girl Lucy. I showed her to Hayden and asked if he could guess what her name was...and he nailed it! Lucy is so special...she is from Pottery Barn Kids catalog and she has an adorable white counterpart named Abby. My sister in law Rachel pointed them out to me, and instantly we knew the pair was a must have for our family! My neice's name is Abby, and since we plan to name our girl Lucy, it was a match made in heaven! Rachel and her family sent Lucy to me for my birthday, and I'm in love! It was a fun symbol of what this year to come holds for me.

My hubby also brought me these lovely flowers, beautiful fall colors, which I love!

Today, one of my best gal pals came over with another home delivered Mocha (my friends KNOW my love language!) and the CUTEST thing ever...personalized stationary picturing each of us!

Tomorrow, mom and I take off for Seattle! I am SO ready for a girly weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's been a good week round these parts. I'm a lame blogger these days...not alot of blogworthy news at our house these days.

A few happy fun things....First I found these at a local consignment shop earlier this week. I couldn't resist. These in brown, were my FAVORITE Robeez Booties for could I resist pink ones? And for 8.99 in near perfect condition? These babies sell for almost $40 new! (and, I used store credit, to boot! No cash out of pocket. Gotta love that!)

Then, today I had the craigslist score of a lifetime!! You know how I LOVE me some craigslist deals. So, in my adoption mama haste, a few months back I bought a Moby Wrap. Then I babysat my unsuspecting baby cousin (second cousin, actually) and forced him to try it out with me. He was only 5 months old, and happy to oblige :) I however, decided I should've saved my money and gotten the Ergo that I really wanted. Moby was not for me.

So, I posted it on craiglist yesterday, stating how I'd rather have an Ergo. Ergo's however go for about $120 compared to my $40 Moby. I figured I could use the cash. Then, lo and behold, a wonderful craigslist shopper called. Sweet Sarah, I'll call her. She was "desperate" for a Moby. Her baby was too small for her nearly new Ergo and it wasn't working for them. And, she wanted to trade me, straight across, for her Ergo. SCORE! I told her that I realized that her's was worth more than mine, and I unfortunately, don't need it for awhile and wasn't ready to fork out any extra cash to make up the difference. She said she didn't care, she was desperate, and would happily trade me straight across. It is in nearly perfect condition! Yay, craiglist! I LOVE you.

Then, tonight, I got to have a fun night with my friend Christy, who is also mid adoption waiting and waiting for a referral for a sweet little man from Ethiopia. Christy and I got onto the waitlist within a few weeks of eachother and are lucky enough to live close enough to hang out occasionally! I love Christy, she is so much fun and she never gets sick of hearing about adoption stuff. (Nor do I get sick of hearing about hers! Match made in heaven)

While hanging out with Christy, we wandered through Washington Square mall. We stopped by Lucy athletic apparel, where I found this. I'm pretty sure I need this for my birthday. Perfect or what? I love it, and my husband recently stole my waterbottle, so really, I NEED this one, don't you think?

On a bummer note, I typed up a whole post the other day about how much I'm looking forward to going to Seattle with my mom for a weekend for my birthday. I talked about how much fun we have together, how we don't really ever get sick of hanging out together, and how I can't wait to go here. How I cant' wait to sleep all night long, in a place that someone else cleans, and someone else makes beds. Where someone else will cook and clean up the dishes. And do the laundry, and where we get to go shopping at places called Fabric Crush. Then, my browser crashed, and I lost it. So, there you have the nutshell version.

Now, I must go clean up my kitchen and pick up some dirty laundry, since there is no one else here to do it. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

4 Months

Well, today we have been on the waitlist for exactly 4 months. According to the latest update from our agency, the current time on the waiting list is averaging 8 months. While there are no guarantees that it will be exactly 8 months for us, today feels like kind of a landmark for us. Half of the wait (approximately) is now behind us. (At least, the referral wait...there will definitely be more waiting after that, even harder waiting, really!)

We are getting frequently asked, if there is any adoption news. To lots of our friends and family, and at times us, it seems like we've been in this process for a loooong time. It has been a long time, just over a year now, since we started. So, we've gotten good at saying that this is the boring, no update phase of waiting. Just wait. Wait for the phone call that will forever change our lives and bring us closer to our girl.

We have been thankful for a busy summer, it made these 4 months go very quickly. Honestly, I hope the next 4 just as fast...even faster would be great! We have many birthdays to look forward too, the holidays...and then I expect by about January, I'll be really ready to see our little ones face. :)

I bought some cute fabric today to make a little photo  book of our family to send when we get our referral...and got some major cute inspiration from a new fabric store in Battle Ground called Aunt Tam's. I can't wait to get started on Lucy's room. I've kind of been holding myself back, fearing getting it all done and perfect and then still having to wait 6 months to put her in it! I am a major MAJOR nester so it's been a challenge to reign myself in. But...Aunt Tam's has the cutest fabrics and ideas. I told my mom it's my new "happy place". I want to live there! It has a little faux kitchen, bedroom, nursery...all beautiful and colorful and inspiring. If you live in the area, it is a MUST see. To see some of the darling stuff made from the goods at AT's, go here to visit one of my new fave blogs and tell her I sent you. Beth is an amazing photographer! love love love her stuff.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I was "featured" at Creative Parties and Showers!

I have never been "featured" anywhere...but today, I was featured over at my amazingly talented friend Shannon's blog, Creative Parties and Showers. It's chock full of fantastic party ideas! Really creative fun parties people...if you are planning one soon,  you should definitely check it out. My Robot for Hayden's 5th birthday party was featured today! I blogged about Hayden's party here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yes, I'm THAT mom.

That's right. I'm a Twilight Mom. Did you know there is actually a website, dedicated to Twilight Mom fans? It's true. The sad thing is, I'll admit, I actually prefer this one. Sometimes when I can't go to sleep, and nothing is on tv, I do visit it. Sick, I know. I can say that I do NOT own a pocket sized Edward, or a Twilight tshirt (yet...never say never).  I resisted reading the "saga" for months. I can be a little rebellious sometimes, especially when it comes to what "everyone" is reading. But finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and I had to see what the big deal was. I picked up Twilight. After 2 weeks of feeding my kids nothing but PB & J while I read the series...I was hooked. Sorry my friends that I gave flack. You were right. I did love it. It fed my inner 13 year old teenage girl longing for love and thrills...and vampires. The really funny thing is...I borrowed the books from my "little" brother...he's about 6 ft, 300+lbs, a truck driving, gun toting, deer hunting, beer drinking man. How awesome is that? (We also share a love for One Tree Hill, but I'll save that post for another day :)

SO, I did it today. I purchase a movie ticket for the midnight premiere of the second Twilight Saga movie...NEW MOON. Yes, Yes, I know it does not come out for nearly two more months. Yes, I know I'll be sitting there with a million girls crying over Edward and Bella. Yes...I know. And, Yes, I am excited about it. And just to show you how ridiculous I am...I will give you a preview. What fun is a post with no pics or video?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Robot Party for my 5 year old baby!! And a good blog link on transracial adoption.

Well, my first born baby boy is FIVE. I totally burst into tears on his birthday because I realized how big he OLD he was. Five is way to old. Where has this half decade gone? ugh.

Anyhow, he has known for months that it had to be a robot party. HAD TO BE. So, I set to work finding robot stuff. I'm not a huge fan of character stuff (ie Thomas, Diego, Disney). I just really hate giving MORE money to those company than is absolutely necessary, you know? So, it was a homemade robot party. I made decorations out of canning jars full of my hubby's nut and bolt and washer collection, fancied up with some metallic pipecleaners. I served veggies and dip and party mix in tin muffin pans. I made robot tshirt (that I scored at Dollar Tree!) that I think turned out pretty cute. I also made I spy robots, which I forgot to take a picture of. Basically, a fleece robot filled with rice and all kinds of little trinkets. Then my mom and I sewed in a little vinyl window, and gave it with a little photo and directions of what to search for...I tried really hard to not give a baggie full of candy to our robot friends. So, they each got a fun tshirt and stuffed robot in the little goody bag.

I found a cake on the Cookie Magazine website. I'm not a huge fan of this mag, but they do have fun party ideas.


All in all, it was a super fun party...Hayden LOVED it. It was the first birthday that we let him invite who he wanted and he was really into it!

p.s. if you've never linked to Kristen over at Rage Against the should. She is hilarious, posting her theraputic posts on motherhood and transracial adoption. She always makes me laugh! She had a great great post today on interesting conversations in thier house. She has a 5 year old african american son, and two biological daugters, 2 and a half and an infant. They are in process of adopting another son who's currently waiting in Haiti for the adoption to be finalized! She blogged about how they are dealing with some conversations in home about the physical differences they have called "but Jafta doesn't match"...good stuff. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I had my first weird baby dream last night. I had really strange dreams in both my pregnancies with the I guess this was kind of like that.

Last night, I had this crazy dream, that we had our girl. We picked her up, she was about 6 months old, and we flew home. We arrived at our airport, went through customs, no big deal. Then I realized when we arrived to our house that the customs people hadn't given me this peice of paper we needed to file with the court here at home. We only had 5 days to file this paper, before they showed up to deport our baby (in my dream only...I don't think that's real.) Anyhow, so the next day, I put baby girl, with all her dark curly hair, into my ergo, and we went back to the customs office. I was standing at the counter talking to the helpful lady, when she suddenly whispered to me, "you better get back here behind the counter with your baby and hide!" Of course, I did it, and in came an angry man, waving a blue handgun! He made the lady hold the gun against me and the baby, while he talked with another customs officer, and it appeared, the angry man was shopping for a new gun. He traded guns with the customs officer, and it was over. They let us go like nothing ever happened. Never got my special paper so our baby wouldn't be deported. Weird huh? The good thing in the dream was, during the whole scary thing, miss baby girl snuggled up calmly to me...not a peep while we were being held hostage. She was so sweet, snuggly, dark curly mop of hair. A sign of things to come, I hope! (the sweet snuggly calm baby, not the hostage situation :) Weird dream...but I did like seeing a face to that baby we've been wondering about for months!

And seriously, deporting a baby? That's just weird.

Monday, August 31, 2009

RoadKill Rescue PAR-TAY-coffee table makeover

I was very excited to re-read the rules for Roadkill Rescue, that I COULD use an old post! Yippee, because, I got on the bandwagon for this gig...friday. Not enough time to find a suitable project, but this was roadkill fantastic last spring! (to see all the funsie projects people came up with go HERE to Beckie's blog.

So, I'm driving home one day from my favorite scrapbooking supply store, and lo and behold...some kids on the side of the road with a coffee table and a "free" sign. Well, now, I just happen to be in the market for a coffee table, and I have a small budget. Free, however, fits right into my budget! So, I loaded it into my van. It was ugly...real ugly. (edit-I had to scrub the stanky film off it!) Husband, thought it may be hopelessly ugly. But, I had hope! I had seen on HGTV a while back some design on a budget show, where they turned an ugly table into a cute ottoman. So, I set out to the store to buy a few supplies.


And After!

for some reason the pics make the paint job look a little blue, but it's "black ink". Aren't you glad there is hope for ugly coffee tables? I am.

I'm on a posting ROLL! Summer Photo shoots...

Here's a quickie glance at some of my summer photo shoots:

Some family aunt, uncle, cousins and their familiesOne of my best friends has the two most DARRRRRLING boys. I'm especially fond of the chunky redheaded one...I want to eat him UP.
And you saw a sneek peak of this one before, my pal her sweet boy!And, blogger is not my friend just takes the crisp color out of my pics! They look so much better on our website!

In other news, my big boy is without his training wheels as of yesterday! I don't know why, but I've been especially weepy this weekend about how grown up my babies are...then my hubby goes and pops of the training wheels without warning the MOMMY. He just hopped on and rode away giggling. No tears. No blood. No help. The only bloodshed was from when he ran up to give me a proud hug and he ripped back my toenail with his big boy foot.Ouch.

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