Friday, December 18, 2009

Update on Neumans...keep praying!

Update from Neumans: Claudia has A.L.L Leukemia. Prognosis is good. The expected treatment is to last 2 years with intense round of Chemo for first 30 days.  Caringbridge site will come soon. Thank you for all the prayers!!!

Please keep praying friends...they have a tough road ahead, but we have a HUGE God. And he is good, even when times are overwhelming.


Rachael and Jon said...

Hi eryn,
thanks for your kind comment on our blog. we really appreciate your prayers, as i know the Nolan family does as well. it has been a difficult week for many. we actually live in indianapolis. what age are you requesting for your adoption? how long from referral to travel? how exciting it should be soon!!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

OH WOW- we will continue prayers because we do serve a BIG GOD!!!!! And being a cancer survivor myself- I get it!!!!

Don & Sarah said...

We will be praying for their whole family and especially sweet Claudia!


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