Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ethiopia Sponsorship Opportunity!

I am pasting this from Amy Bottomly's blog. A WONDERFUL way to make a big difference for an orphan.

Our Ethiopia online Connect Community through Children's HopeChest is making more matches for children at Ethiopia Children's Home in Addis Ababa. To review... our connect community has currently fully sponsored Kebebtsehay Orphanage, and Moses' Orphanage. We also have some kids now that we are sponsoring at Kolfe Orphanage (some of our boys moved from Kebebtsehay to Kolfe) and we are close to having Ethiopia Children's Home fully sponsored. We had it fully sponsored, but some new children have been added. SO, we have some more matches to make!

Sponsorship through Children's HopeChest is $34/ month and it is holistic and long-term. The Children's HopeChest sponsorship model addresses the following five areas of need:

Spiritual Development- Every 50 kids will have 1 discipler assigned to them. The discipler will meet with the kids weekly, and act as a mentor to them.
Physical Development- Most extreme and basic needs first: Food, Clothing, Shelter, etc.
Educational Development- Make sure that the kids make it through primary and secondary school as well as Trade School or University.
Medical/Dental Needs
Emotional Needs- Counseling needs for any abandonment issues, etc.

Children's HopeChest will also offer Life Skills training to the children. Teaching them how to live independently as some of them age out of orphan care.

To read more about sponsorship through Children's HopeChest please click here. To read more about Ethiopia Children's Home please click here.

One of our sponsors, Lindsey, recently received a letter from her sponsor child. She blogged about it right here. Read her post. It is so sweet.

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