Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos...and my bday!

I have been busy editing photos this past week, which has worked out well, since my family has been sick! I posted more on my photoblog...but here's a sneek peek!

And, my ADORABLE cousin babies!! I wanted to chase down the big one and kiss her, and just shut that blue suitcase and bring home the little guy!

So, my fam has been sick all week. First my darling teacher hubby brings home some germs...then he kindly shares with all of us! Of course, it's never everyone at once, but staggered to cover a whole week...awesome!

So, Monday was my birthday. Sick kids and all, we were housebound. BUT My sweet friend, Heidi, brought me a yummy birthday Mocha, delivered to my door (Thanks Heidi! You are so thoughtful and knew just what I needed!).

Then I got a wonderful package delivered to my door...with Baby Lucy inside! I giggled and LOVED her! For those of you who don't know, we plan to name baby girl Lucy. I showed her to Hayden and asked if he could guess what her name was...and he nailed it! Lucy is so special...she is from Pottery Barn Kids catalog and she has an adorable white counterpart named Abby. My sister in law Rachel pointed them out to me, and instantly we knew the pair was a must have for our family! My neice's name is Abby, and since we plan to name our girl Lucy, it was a match made in heaven! Rachel and her family sent Lucy to me for my birthday, and I'm in love! It was a fun symbol of what this year to come holds for me.

My hubby also brought me these lovely flowers, beautiful fall colors, which I love!

Today, one of my best gal pals came over with another home delivered Mocha (my friends KNOW my love language!) and the CUTEST thing ever...personalized stationary picturing each of us!

Tomorrow, mom and I take off for Seattle! I am SO ready for a girly weekend!


Tamara said...

Happy Late Birthday - adorable treasures you got! For a minute I thought you got a picture of the real Lucy on your birthday in the mail - then.. I realized it was a doll... had me waiting in suspense for the real Lucy picture!

missy said...

sorry about the sickness. but you still had some special birthday gifts! i just realized that TWO of our kids have the same names! we have such good taste, don't we? i'm thinking lucy is going to be everywhere pretty soon. we have the lucy doll too...she's almost as big as our luci, but so very cute! happy belated birthday.

The Young Family said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!

Julie said...

love that stationary!! How adorable is that?!! You are loved, Eryn. by many.

Amy Jo said...

Happy Birthday (belated!) Sorry your fam was sick too. No fun, eh? Praying you are all healthy. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. With JOY, Amy

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