Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's been a good week round these parts. I'm a lame blogger these days...not alot of blogworthy news at our house these days.

A few happy fun things....First I found these at a local consignment shop earlier this week. I couldn't resist. These in brown, were my FAVORITE Robeez Booties for could I resist pink ones? And for 8.99 in near perfect condition? These babies sell for almost $40 new! (and, I used store credit, to boot! No cash out of pocket. Gotta love that!)

Then, today I had the craigslist score of a lifetime!! You know how I LOVE me some craigslist deals. So, in my adoption mama haste, a few months back I bought a Moby Wrap. Then I babysat my unsuspecting baby cousin (second cousin, actually) and forced him to try it out with me. He was only 5 months old, and happy to oblige :) I however, decided I should've saved my money and gotten the Ergo that I really wanted. Moby was not for me.

So, I posted it on craiglist yesterday, stating how I'd rather have an Ergo. Ergo's however go for about $120 compared to my $40 Moby. I figured I could use the cash. Then, lo and behold, a wonderful craigslist shopper called. Sweet Sarah, I'll call her. She was "desperate" for a Moby. Her baby was too small for her nearly new Ergo and it wasn't working for them. And, she wanted to trade me, straight across, for her Ergo. SCORE! I told her that I realized that her's was worth more than mine, and I unfortunately, don't need it for awhile and wasn't ready to fork out any extra cash to make up the difference. She said she didn't care, she was desperate, and would happily trade me straight across. It is in nearly perfect condition! Yay, craiglist! I LOVE you.

Then, tonight, I got to have a fun night with my friend Christy, who is also mid adoption waiting and waiting for a referral for a sweet little man from Ethiopia. Christy and I got onto the waitlist within a few weeks of eachother and are lucky enough to live close enough to hang out occasionally! I love Christy, she is so much fun and she never gets sick of hearing about adoption stuff. (Nor do I get sick of hearing about hers! Match made in heaven)

While hanging out with Christy, we wandered through Washington Square mall. We stopped by Lucy athletic apparel, where I found this. I'm pretty sure I need this for my birthday. Perfect or what? I love it, and my husband recently stole my waterbottle, so really, I NEED this one, don't you think?

On a bummer note, I typed up a whole post the other day about how much I'm looking forward to going to Seattle with my mom for a weekend for my birthday. I talked about how much fun we have together, how we don't really ever get sick of hanging out together, and how I can't wait to go here. How I cant' wait to sleep all night long, in a place that someone else cleans, and someone else makes beds. Where someone else will cook and clean up the dishes. And do the laundry, and where we get to go shopping at places called Fabric Crush. Then, my browser crashed, and I lost it. So, there you have the nutshell version.

Now, I must go clean up my kitchen and pick up some dirty laundry, since there is no one else here to do it. :)


missy said...

so fun to score deals! i love my ergo! and i passed up robeez boots at our consignment store thinking "i'll come back and get them". duh...they were gone. but they were brown and now i will hold out for pink. your seattle trip sounds delightful!

Lee Ann said...

What an AWESOME craigslist deal! Love the boots. Sarah had them too, and I will never part with them :)

Have a great time with your Mom! and Happy Birthday!!!!

Tamara said...

Makes me want something to shop for on craigslist! How great! Love the orange LUCY water bottle too - you DO need that!

Christy. said...

I had a great time with you too! Yes, so fun to know that you won't tire of me complaining at the WAY too long wait we are having!! :0)

So thankful we met and praying that our referrals come soon!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love that deal!!! Never done Craigslist, but I think I should try! I am always looking for deals, and you never know.

Julie said...

oh i love it. are you going to seattle this weekend? so excited for your craigslist deal too!

niccole w. said...

Don't you just love how God provides the desires of our hearts? Sometimes I feel silly asking for the small things, but it's amazing when you know HE orchestrated me getting them.

Blomgren2 said...

I love how you find such sweet deals! The funny thing is that I returned my Moby wrap yesterday and have been shopping for an Ergo today! I emailed someone from Craigslist for an Ergo but it was gone. Oh well, I'll keep looking! I like your blog even if you think you're at a boring stage :) Hope y'all are doing well.

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