Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm on a posting ROLL! Summer Photo shoots...

Here's a quickie glance at some of my summer photo shoots:

Some family aunt, uncle, cousins and their familiesOne of my best friends has the two most DARRRRRLING boys. I'm especially fond of the chunky redheaded one...I want to eat him UP.
And you saw a sneek peak of this one before, my pal her sweet boy!And, blogger is not my friend just takes the crisp color out of my pics! They look so much better on our website!

In other news, my big boy is without his training wheels as of yesterday! I don't know why, but I've been especially weepy this weekend about how grown up my babies are...then my hubby goes and pops of the training wheels without warning the MOMMY. He just hopped on and rode away giggling. No tears. No blood. No help. The only bloodshed was from when he ran up to give me a proud hug and he ripped back my toenail with his big boy foot.Ouch.

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