Saturday, August 29, 2009

Never trust a 2 year old with your fresh berries

In July, my and my went to pick some raspberries. It was one of the H-O-T days here in the PNW. It was so fun. Hayden for sure ate more than he put in the bucket. Matt reminded me of these photos, and tonight when I went back to look, I got all teary. My boys. They are so fun, my heart wants to burst. Love them to bits. (Usually-berry day was definitely a love them to bits day).

My big boy
We picked berries (or I picked, they raced up and down the rows. H picked some, Jack would cry when we stopped "racing").
So, the TWO year old wanted to hold my full bucket of beautiful, delicious, raspberries. I let him.
My beautiful berries.
Then, I turned to pick some more (to fill the boys empty buckets). Then, I hear the soft plumpley rolling sound of this:
Berries hitting the soft dusty dirt. "JACK! WHY did you dump the berries??" The sweet darling two year old says to me, "Mommy...the berries were TOO hot in there." He was setting the poor berries free. All 6 lbs of them. You better believe I dusted them off and put the poor hot berries back in the bucket. :)
Berry Face.
This is kind of a crummy shot, but I can't resist those green eyes. They tell me "thanks, Mom. I looove you"when he looks at me like that. My favorite Hayden expression. (sigh. more tears)

Thanks my babies, for loving me. I am the luckiest mom in the world. (most days :)
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