Tuesday, August 19, 2008

happy vacation/anniversary to us!

Well, we are home recovering from our vacation to the dunes in southern oregon. We had a blast! It was really dirty, and my bed hurt my back, so after 8 days of "relaxing" I was ready to come home.

Tuesday was our 8th Anniversary! I am so so so blessed to be married to Matt. He has a beautiful heart, and is such a wonderful daddy to our boys. That was one of my vacation highlights, watching him play with our kids. Every year, we talk about the highlights of our past year together...you know what he said? He said his was that he was proud of me for making my goal of nursing Jack for one year! (Long story, I had a very miserable and unsuccessful experience nursing Hayden). How sweet is that!! It really validates the effort and work that it was, and even though it was worth it to me, I'm glad to know it was important to him because it was important to me.
My highlight was our spring break vacation to California. Playing on the warm beach with our kids at Crystal Cove, just felt like one of those moments where we were in our groove. Loving our time together...just being in God's goodness.

Anyhow, our our anniversary, Matt gave me the Africa mama and baby elephant necklace! I was so surprised...mostly because we never exchange anniversary "gifts". We usually spend our money on a getaway, but since we were already away... Anyhow, I'm a bad wife. I didn't even get him a card! (He didn't get me one either...) It was good, and we had and AWESOME dinner. Filet Mignon, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes...mmm. And best of all...like 5 hours to TALK without kids interrupting!!

We had our orientation call with AGCI, which was pretty uneventful. That is if you consider needing $9000 uneventful. Yes, that is how much we need to turn in our contract and get rolling with this adoption. We originally thought it was $6000, but we missed a tiny little $3000 on the fee schedule. SO...we are praying. We have no idea where that will come from in any quick timing. We have decided to move forward with our Home Study, which is a measly $1700. We can afford that one, and having that done will enable us to apply for some grant money. I'm not sure why, but I'm kind of nervous to start it. Are they going to look in my closets? Will they want to check how clean my refridgerator is? See what's in my pantry? See if I have childlocks on my cabinets with cleaning supplies? UGH.

that's it for today!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a very nice vacation. Happy anniversary!

Our initial home study visit was very nice, simple and straightforward. There were areas of our house we scrubbed and polished that our social worker never even peeked into. We were obsessive about some things, like installing new smoke detectors - and probably way more of them than necessary - which she never even took a glance at. Our individual interviews were a sight more difficult, but the initial home visit was cake. Praying that yours goes well!

meleea said...

Do you know how cool it is to see a comment from dear sara above me? When God brings such fun connections it really blesses me!

Anyway...you will fly through the home study. you and your heart is what she will see. your house is perfect and what God wants to do, He does. Remember He can overcome money, home visits, applications, whatever! He is big enough for this!

Denise Crawford said...

What fun at the dunes with those little guys (and their parents)! It was such fun getting unlimited time with my grandsons - I'll never get enough!!

You know, God has never led you down a path that He hasn't already prepared for you, and He has always provided exactly what you needed. I have absolute confidence that He will provide for you in this adoption process and I can't wait to welcome a new little Kesler!


Tamara said...

"Jesus said, 'I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20

You and Matt have great faith, Eryn - this journey will strengthen your faith and you will be looking to Him for answers, for encouragement, for endurance, and ultimately for the gift to which he has called you to - your baby girl will be a blessing - you are loved and I will absolutely be behind you in this amazing path you are on. It will be a blessing to those who know and love you to see God's hand in this process as well as to see your faith grow!

Jana said...

Hi Eryn, did you get my email about the necklace? I'm so anxious to wear it:)

Jana said...

Ok, I just sent you the email again. Maybe I got caught in your spam file, I sent two emails. I have been totally harrassing you and you didn't even know it! :)

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