Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chapmans interview on ABC

So I am and always have been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman. I've been to several concerts, and was always impressed with his genuine heart.

I attended a Christmas concert a few years ago with my mom, and during the concert, they gave a huge adoption promotion. SCC and Mercy Me both have a passion for adoption and they really used the tour to promote God's heart for orphans. The Chapman's have a great organization called Shaohannah's Hope, that helps families financially with adoption grants (woo-hoo!).
Anyway, I remember sitting at that concert bawling my eyes out during that part of the concert, knowing even then, that God was preparing us for adoption. I watched face after face on the screen of orphaned children, and there was a choir of local kids in Foster Care and who've been adopted who sang....I came home and told Matt about how cool it was.

Anyhow, I know this story is not the newest, but I just saw this clip of thier family's interview with ABC's morning's pretty cool, you should watch it if you haven't. I cry every time I hear that newer Cinderella song on the radio, and think of the Chapman family.

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Julie said...

I saw the interview and thought it was so well done. Mary Beth struck me as such an amazing woman...her honesty, raw emotion, and strength. It was a great piece.

the kicker is... said...

You should also check out their interview with Larry King done Thursday night. The best option for viewing the whole interview (CNN posted only a couple of parts) is looking it up on youtube. Someone posted all 6 portions of that interview.
Praying with you!
BTW - your hubby sent me an email this week that made my whole year. you guys are the best in MANY ways!!! love you!

Jana said...

Hey Eryn, I want to order a necklace. Will you email me at Thanks!

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