Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bazaar Update...

i for one, have too many blogs going. I can't remember what I posted where.

Anyhow, i have been crafting my little brains (and a few other loved ones brains) right out of our little heads. I'm so tired, I just may fall off this chair.

I had a table for e.k. inpired today at a local bazaar, and I'd say, overall it was a success! I broke even on my "investment", and I still have enough goods for another bazaar, so there is profit to be had! It was really fun spending the day with my mom and some sweet friends who stopped by to shop. I have been so blessed by people in my life, giving thier all to support us in this adoption.

This week, I've been feeling kind of down about the adoption process. It seems like just when I'm feeling the end of paperwork draw near, i realize that there is ANOTHER thing I need to send away for. Another signature needed. More money going out than coming in...UGH. Then as soon as i question "is this really what we're supposed to be doing right now?" God answers me with a big FAT "yes". I had been feeling bummed this week (maybe emotional from having my "monthly visitor" and working my tail off to get ready for this bazaar and juggling MOM's ministry and kids and family too)...My sweet cousin calls me up and says "Hey, can we stop by for a quick visit?" I say sure, thinking, that's kind of odd, she never just stops by for a visit. Her an her hubby hang out for a bit visit, catch up. I give them a thank you note for thier big fat contribution to our garage sale...and they say, "speaking of that...we have something for you" and proceed to hand me another big wad of cash for the adoption fund. ONCE again, I'm speechless at God's faithfulness. They affirmed me, saying they really feel God telling them to get behind us and support us, and they will continue to do so until Baby Girl is home with us. I started to cry, and shared how down I'd been feeling, wondering if this is really the right timing. She said that they had a busy day, and had considered putting off the visit until Monday, but after a quick discussion with her hubby, they just felt a "do it now" feeling and they came over. We were all blessed and glad they did! God is so good provide confirmations for me when I really need them. I am so blessed by my cousin and her hubby's obedience to God's call for them to support us, and bless us in this process. It is so cool to see God move to provide.

OK, back to the bazaar, I met this super sweet gal, name Julia, who makes THEE CUTEST BAGS. They are so stinking cute, and really nice quality. She designed them herself and they are just so great. Check her out, she's awesome! I really want this bag for my diaper bag with new babe girl
and one similar to this for a super cute purse (it has the cutest red with

blue flower lining inside that I LOVE)


Amy said...

That's awesome, Eryn! I love when God meets us right where we're at and says, "here ya go. Have some encouragement!" I am so impressed and inspired by the way you have diligently worked to raise $$ to bring home a precious baby girl to complete(?) your family!

Jana said...

Cute stuff!! I need your creativity gene to rub off on me. So glad you received the encouragement that you needed!! It's gonna happen!

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