Monday, August 30, 2010

Schoolhouse is Open for business!

First Day of homeschool!
Hayden is officially a Kindergartner!
Teacher Mommy and hayden (photo by Jack, age 3)
Jack and Mommy (bedhead and all!) photo by Hayden-mommy looks kinda tired!!
School table- I love this old blue-green canning jar!
Learning new words with scrabble tiles (much cheaper than banana grams. I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents!)

Mama's book of Lesson Plans and Instruction guides (I just can't live with a plain white binder. CAN'T. It says, Learning, Laughing, Loving, Living on it.)
Hayden's binder-He is OBSESSED with riding this quad, so he loves this pic of himself!
I added little tabbed dividers for his worksheets and writing so we can keep it all in one place.

We started school today. It was overall, good. We started our day praying together and reading a Bible story, which I loved. We did some language arts, and worked on some new words. Hayden had fun making -AT words with old scrabble tiles. It was fun to see him put together the concept of changing just one letter makes a whole new word. Last summer I bought this really raggedy scrabble game for 50 cents at a garage sale, knowing I could use those tiles for something! They came in handy for this activity of spelling new words by changing out the first letter.  Then he was able to read me a story about Pat, the Fat Rat :) He was quite proud, and so was I! My baby can read! We did a few other activities, math, history, science, and played at the park. Great day! We tackled school activities during Lucy's naps, which worked well for today. I think the boys will both be fresher in the mornings, but Math + snack was a good combo. They counted marshmallows while doing worksheets and were happy as can be this afternoon. They were a little tired, but that worked well for some quiet read-aloud time of me reading to them.


J Gutwein said...

Hey Erin.. I was home-schooled K-5th and my favorite part was my mother reading stories and the Bible. I also remember science walks in the woods. Great job! Love, Jenny

wildflowers said...

the photos are wonderful!
i too plan on homeschooling our little one when she comes home and is eventually old enough :)

good job!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love homeschooling. Great idea with those scrabble letters. We have bought little letters- cheaply as well and they are always a hit!

Amy said...

So impressed and inspired by you! I just don't feel like God has called me to homeschool, but I admire moms who do it!

How's the running training going? I had 2 miles this morning but I have to do 8 on Wednesday, eek!

Tamara said...

Looks like a great day - now if they all go that smoothly! Keep up the good work and the motivation to dig in daily and if nothing else, tackle that prayer time and Bible story time with fervor. There is a great book to teach kids to read called "100 Easy Lessons to Teach your Child to Read" - I ordered it on Amazon and used it for Taylor - by the end of the 100 lessons (which take anywhere from 5-15 minutes per lesson - all completely scripted for the parent doing the teaching) your child should be reading at or above 2nd grade reading level - it works! That is awesome that Hayden rides quads - how fun! And you're oober organized with fancy lesson plan books and tabbed kid binders - awesome! Costco has some great and pretty inexpensive resources for workbook stuff, too.

Gayla said...

fantastic! what an adorable and organized mom you are!!!

Mark and Heidi said...

I am so impressed. Way to go, Momma!

Karen said...

YAY for a homeschooling mommy!! WOOT WOOT!! Love the scrabble letters!! We do a lot with letter magnets.

Audrey said...

way to go eryn! i'm excited to hear how this year goes for you. sounds like you are off to a great start!

annaliese said...

oooh! so inspired by your beautiful containers and binder decor! we are starting next week with our homeschooling. the move has us a couple of weeks behind :) thanks for the peek into your schoolroom! can't wait to hear/see more about your year!

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