Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas...One year!!

One year ago, we saw Lucy's sweet little face for the first time. It was amazing...the best Christmas EVER.
I'm typing from my  hubby's laptop, so I don't have a pic of our sweet girl handy.

We have a long standing tradition of getting new christmas jammies at Grammy's house on Christmas Eve. Then, we wear them ALL day on Christmas day. (remember my ugly referral photos last year? Jammies, greasy hair, glasses??? Ring a bell?) This year was no different, other than cute girlie jammies for Lulu were included in our Christmas Eve loot.

Christmas Morning, Lucy and I were in her bedroom. The boys were patiently waiting in the car. Lucy, although in her sweet little sheep jammies, insisted that she put on some shoes. Her fancy black patent leather shoes. She really loves shoes. As we sat there putting on her fancy shoes and giggling together, I started to cry. One year ago, Christmas morning, I was having a hard time feeling the "Christmas Spirit". I was longing to see our daughters face. We had just finished her bedroom on Matt's Christmas Break, and we were READY. God was so good to us, and we got the call of our life that day.

This Christmas, I am overwhelmingly thankful for our sweet girl who has lit up our life. She is light and joy. We are so enjoying her. she is full of spunk, giggles and learning about 10 new words a day it seems. She's taking little steps, almost walking. She does this silly "knee walking". Where she wants to be upright, but not enough to get up on her feet. She is finally FINALLY giving us real kisses and enjoying it. For ever it seems, when we ask for a kiss, she'd offer her cheek or forehead. But finally she's offering her sweet little slobbery lips! We are loving that. She loves loves loves shoes. Today, she sat with me for 20 minutes while I cleaned her closet to make way for new Christmas clothes. She just sat there trying on shoes and saying "Mo, Mo shoooooos." (More Shoes). Sweet girl!

We saw a naturopath a week ago, who gave us some natural treatment for her continual giardia. We are thrilled to see some improvement. (this will contain poop discussion!) She's been having only one poop a day (after 3-4 per day, normally).  She is no longer begging for food/water every waking moment. We're so glad to be seeing some change.

Wishing a very merry Christmas to all of you families, who we've so enjoyed sharing this wild ride of adoption with this year. It's been a journey we will never ever forget and we're so thankful for the love and support of your unique friendships. Enjoy this season with your precious kiddos, and love and squeeze them all they'll let you. God is so good and faithful to bring us to the place we CAN do that !!!


Denise Crawford said...

Ditto that. One year ago tears of waiting, longing, anxious impatience. This year, hugs, kisses, loves, joy in having her home with us, like she's always been here. Right where she belongs. I adore this precious girl. She nearly melted my heart last night when it was time for us to go home and she cried to go with me! Lucy Melat...your Grammy loves you. This Christmas was complete because you were here with your brothers and your cousin Abby! Grammy's heart = full to overflowing!!!

Blomgrens said...

Aw! I remember that post last year and how I cried being so overjoyed for your referral! What a precious date to celebrate now... for SO many reasons.

titushome said...

I remember reading your referral news last Christmas!!! So thankful your sweet girl is home and celebrating with you this year! :) I had to laugh at what you said about Lucy and the shoes - Bethlehem LOVES shoes - I have never seen a child so in love with shoes! She would wear them to bed if I let her!!!

Katie Morris said...

I was thinking about you on Christmas and told my family about the exciting news your family received last year on that date! It is hard to believe it has been a year. Our girls have changed SO much! It has been such a blessing to watch. I saw the comment you wrote on my blog. You are always welcome to link or repost anything you want from my blog.

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