Saturday, September 6, 2008

cute babydoll

I'm still on the quest for the perfect dark skinned baby doll. I found this one at my one of my favorite local earthmuffin baby stores, Baby Works in NW Portland. It's super soft and sweet, would be perfect for an infant. I loved the red velour one...I seriously have to hold myself back. I totally want to start stashing little things away for someday...but, I can't quite let myself go there yet. Anyhow these "Star Babies" are sweet. The have a little bell somewhere in the body, so it makes a sweet little tinkley sound when you shake it...and they do come in a light skinned baby too. I've come to realize, Target and WalMart are not going to have anything I'm looking for...dark skin pretty much only comes in Dora (which I can barely tolerate...Di-Di-Di-Dora gets stuck in my head way too easy), Bratz Dolls (who wants to encourge your daughter to be a Brat? Don't get that) and Barbies (Um, I sure don't look like that, pretty sure I should stick to squishy body types for this family to have a healthy self esteem). So, the earth muffin, cloth diaper wearing, incense burning shops (ok, that's an exaggeration) seem to be more "ethnically friendly". The sweet owner of babyworks, Paula, assured me they will carry Star Babies as long as they are made, so I have time to come back. :)



Anonymous said...

Your search for a cute African babydoll reminded me of these other Africa products I've seen. Thought I would share.

This mama and her family are also adopting a daughter from Ethiopia. They have designed some t-shirts that they are selling as an adoption fundraiser. I saw another family in a youtube video who bought these shirts and all wore them on the airplane home from Africa. They're super-cute shirts!

for the youtube video, go here:
(be prepared to cry, though)

Rachel Kesler said...

I forgot to tell you when we were looking for a gift for Hayden's b-day, I saw lots of baby dolls with dark skin at Target in Fairview. They were pretty cute, but I'm not sure if they are what you are exactly looking for.

Love you!

annette said...

hey eryn... in case you don't know, that american girl carries all ethnicities of their "bity baby" and in fact, aimee wanted the african-american baby for her doll, so that is what we have from 9 years ago... i'm sure they will have them forever and she's beautiful! : )

Michael and Michelle said...

I can't believe I have never "met" you!!! I used to be so good at blogging:(
Anyway, I found you through Jana's blog. She said that you sell suff to raise $$$ for your adoption??? Can you tell me more???
Nice to finally "meet" you!!!

Michael and Michelle said...

by the way....your thing about Walmart only having white babies.....I totally agree!!!! I have to go to target to get what my daughter calls "brown babies." I should write a letter too!!

Teya said...


I'm a friend of Jana Fraser's...saw her necklace you made for her, loved it and would like to possibly purchase a few from you. Can you please send me your email when you have a chance and we can get a dialogue going from there and I can tell you what kind of design I'm looking for;) (Saw the designs on your blog site but couldnt find where to purchase but what's to discuss beforehand w/ you anyway)Thanks!

Melissa said...

Hey--love your work with jewelry. will you email me info of how to be in touch to have a piece made? thanks-melissa (va.)

Leann said...


I love your jewelry. Could you e-mail me so I can get a necklace?

Also, we have two great "brown babies" as my daughter calls them. They're made by Corolle, and I got them in a higher end toy store. They're gender neutral, so I got one for my son and put blue clothes on it and one for my daughter with pink clothes. They have darker brown skin and lighter brown. Our kids love them -- they call them their Ethiopian babies.

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