Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let the Homestudy Begin!

Well, yesterday the UPS dude delivered our first big parcel from AGCI, our Homestudy packet (looks more like a textbook! My teacher hubby is going to love it's organized 3 ring binder self! He makes all of his students have a 3 ring binder for each of his classes).

It is LOADED with paperwork. Holy cow...fingerprinting cards, reference letters, budget worksheets, background checks, birthcertificate requests...I'm going to give my checkbook another workout...$18 bucks here, $12 bucks there...But it will take us to the next level in this process. I am excited for our church's MOM's ministry to start in October so my brain can start thinking about adoption stuff a little more. I am so blessed to be a part of the leadership team, but September is a BUSY planning month and basically, I have no life right now, except for diapers, laundry (and that is suffering), mac n cheese, and MOM's.

Just getting it reminded me, YES, this adoption stuff is REAL, and, although slowly, we are moving forward! My garage is filling up with garage sale goodies from friends and family! Next Friday and Saturday, we're having a fundraiser garage sale to raise more $$ for adoption expenses...Thanks to everyone who's already donated!! God continues to be faithful to us.


Jana said...

You're gonna do it Eryn!!! Yea!

Lee Ann said...

How exciting!!!! I'm watching this process closely to see how it all goes :-)

Julie said...

oh, i didn't know it was next friday and saturday!!! i have stuff for you!! when can i bring it by? we will be in seattle friday and wish i could be there to help!

so excited for you!

meleea said...

eryn - i should have brought those tables the other day to your house. do you want me to bring them tomorrow? - they would fit in your van. i am praying for you - for God to give you all you need for this season of life!

Tanya said...

erin, i had no idea, this is so exciting. i will pray for you guys.

Miss you!
Love you, Tanya

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