Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Jana, to post 7 random facts about myself, and then make 7 friends do it too...these are fun to read! I don't know why everything is underlined, that is so annoying

1. I am an aspiring granola girl:) I make my own bread, raise my flock of chickens (3 is a flock right? Gladys, Myrtle and Agnes think they are worthy of the title). I wash my face with Olive Oil (scented with lavendar and tea tree oil...thanks Traci!) and make my own deodorant and use cloth diapers...I know, I'm a freak. I do still shave my legs (at least 1-2 times per week, ha ha!)

2. I totally fell down the stairs tonight (all 3 of them) and scared my husband to death when I layed there crying! It really hurt. I hit the edge of little wall (the corner) right where my kidneys are (I think) and my arm on the hardwood edge. He said "Do I need to call an ambulance?" as he ran over to me. I have a big fat bruise and stiff back, but no ambulance needed. Maybe a Tshirt that says,"World's Biggest Klutz", but no ambulance.

3. My house is so unorganized. I used to sort of pride myself on being a mini-martha (yes, as in stewart) but since children, um, that's gone out the window. Since I'm desperately trying to make some cash by selling myself, I mean my crafts, at Christmas Bazaars, i have projects everywhere, stuff I'm selling on ebay in piles, adoption paperwork spread out...I need to do some deep closet organzing BEFORE the nice social worker comes for our homevisits.

4. I HATE tomatoes. Love tomato soup, love pasta sauce, I even like salsa and ketchup. Hate a big fat fresh tomato.

5. I'm going away for the weekend with 3 wonderful girlfriends, NO KIDS, just us, a few COZY beds, no alarm clocks, no agenda...ahhhh. relaxation!

6. I have learned alot this year about what I'm not. I'm not a supermom. I used to want to be one, now I know that is not what the Lord is asking of me...he just wants me to put him first and let him fill me up. Not my accomplishments, not my darling children or my husbands appreciation for all the menial tasks I do. Not the acceptance of my friends and peers. Only Him, that will fill me up so full that I can slosh his love all over the people around me.

BUT, today, on my way home from Mom's group, I found myself fighting to not feel shamed for the ways I have parented. We had a great speaker today on parenting. TRULY, I loved it. I learned alot, that I could do better. I was encouraged. But in the van all by myself, the dark enemy was whispering to me, that I should feel awful about all the things I 've done wrong and should be doing better. He was shaming me. And, dang it, I know better than to fall for that garbage, but there I was with tears running down my face feeling like poo. God reminded me that those are not from him. He is not ashamed of the way I parent. I just have to keep turning my face to his, even if it's 90 times a day when I think my face is going to explode from saying "DO YOU HEAR ME CHILD? PICK UP THE FREAKING BLOCKS."

7. I love taking pictures. I'm an aspiring photographer you might say. I think it would be about the coolest job ever to get paid for taking delicious photos of little people and families.

That's all! I am tagging Mere, Amy J, Missy, Kala, Dee, Amy G, and Trish

here's some fun pics I took of one of my favorite girls in the whole world. I was TRYING to get pictures of the cute TU-TU I made, but her big brown eyes turn my heart into a puddle of warm gooey hot fudge. That's what they remind me of...chocolate. It's no wonder my son want her to be his girlfriend. I told him he's too young for a girlfriend, and said, "H- do you even know what a girlfriend is?" He said no. "Maybe when I'm 7, Mom". Ok, buddy. Let's revisit it in a few years!!


missy said...

thanks for tagging me! such fun. and you are a really good photographer! i appreciated your random facts. especially the parenting stuff. i can SO relate to the shame. so glad we have the gospel to fall back on...again and again and again...

Our journey said...

Are you selling tutus?? They would make great Christmas presents for my daughter and my niece. I may singlehandedly fund your adoption : ) Those beautiful eyes would have turned me into a puddle too. Your little one is adorable.

Our journey said...

She is not yours is she? I just remembered I thought you had boys. She is still cute, even if she isn't yours : )

annaliese said...

you make your own deodorant?! ok--I'm impressed!

I would LOVE to chat about adoption--obviously there are some differences in China vs. Africa--but probably more similarities than not!

Mara said...

I love that little girl too..great pix of her!!! There will be a long line of suitors in a few years! (if she's as smart as she is cute, she'll put H at the top of her list!)

the kicker is... said...

you really are such a great photographer.

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