Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

Where to begin with my Not Me's this week?

Well, for starters, I did not spend 6 hours in WALMART (which I don't really like to begin with) in Moses Lake, PURELY for entertainment. It's my mom's hometown. There is NOTHING to do there. They do have starbucks, and as I drove through I thought "these look like a couple of hip chicks...surely they know where a fun craft store is"...seriously, the said "Craft store?...?" with a puzzled look on their faces, like "why would you go there?" So, in 48 hours, 3 trips to Walmart, about 2 hours each....and no, it wasn't really fun. I read magazines. Alot.

I did not stay up til 2 am 3 nights this past week working on adoption stuff. I'm not that obsessive.

I also did not polish off nearly an entire box of milk duds (the big one) in the 5 hour drive home from above mentioned trip. I would never...

I did not negotiate pizza for good behavior at Costco today with my kids. I would not go that low.

Some things I will admit to doing this week:

I DID mail off a huge chunk of paperwork to Gladney! HOORAY!
I have make a HUGE dent in the rest...I'm just waiting on some medical forms to send the rest!
I do have much of the paperwork needed for our dossier complete!
I did submit our CIS I600A to the USCIS/Homeland Security dept, and recieved acknowledgment that they recieved it!

I do feel like my obsessive ness in the adoption stuff is paying off, I feel really good about where I am at in the paperwork.

I did snuggle alot with my boys while in Moses Lake. We did color alot and play together. They were champs on the road trip (10 hours in the car in 48 hours is alot for a 4 and 2 year old!)

1 comment:

Trish said...

Please shoot me if I have to spend six hours in a walmart. EVER.

Negotiating pizza is not a bad thing. Negotiation skills are very vital. It was a teaching moment for your kids.

Great job on the adoption paperwork!

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