Friday, July 3, 2009


I like to buy clothes by the pound at the Goodwill outlet. (I got 7 items today for $4.02! Can't beat that)

I really like Tori and Dean on Oxygen. I am sad to say, we no longer have it:(

I, the wanna be granola girl, bought Lucky Charms "for my kids" (but I've eaten them for breakfast for 3 days).

I repainted my toes 3 times last night before settling on the 12:30am.

I love having my hubby home from school for the summer, he does the dishes. ALOT. And, I really like his company, too. Thanks, honey!

We spent a week on houseboats with 75 highschool kids from church...and loved it. Made me wish I was still a small group leader. (don't worry mom, I didn't sign up for anything!)

Every couple months, I search my bookshelves for stuff I can trade in at Powell's. I love that I can buy new books, and not spend any money out of pocket!

I had a really fun date with my mom this morning in the Pearl District. We had coffee, we went to Powell's, we browsed anthropologie (love that place), and we tried on shoes at REI, and did some other perusing. We settled in for a tasty lunch a the Macaroni Grill...mmmm. Ice Tea, and shrimp artichoke dip...need I say more?


Amy Jo said...

First of all welcome back! Second - so how did your swimsuit do? :-) Hope you enjoyed your houseboat trip.

I'm cracking up because I like Tori & Dean, too. My guilty pleasure. You might find some of the shows on Hulu...

Just checked out your Esty page - LOVE your stuff! Do you bleach your t-shirts?


Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) said...

This was a fun post! Isn't GoodWill fun?! I don't really know anyone in my circle of friends and family who digs it as much as me... like seriously loves it... for shopping. so fun to hear that you do! I assume you are a garage sale girl, too?! one man's trash is another man treasure! :)

Denise Crawford said...

I love you Eryn and i love having our friday dates. Yesterday was especially fun and totally therapeutic!!! It went by far too fast though... You're a huge blessing to me.


neely said...

just found your blog...we live in the PNW. But your confessions made me laugh and I am a small group leader for our HS ministry at church. We are now a family of 5...just got home with our little girl from Ethiopia!

Julie said...

wow your date with your mom sounds divine!!

Audrey said...

sounds like so much fun! and amen to hubbies who do the dishes. isn't it nice?

Amy said...

Love your confessions! I love the date you had with your mom too. That is sweet :-)

Dee said...

Are ya catholic or something! Just kidding!

As your priest, I just want you to know I forgive you of all your sins....hehehe. Especially the pedi at midnight!

Totally teasing.
Loved your list.
Miss YOU! What's up GIRLFRIEND!

courtney rose said...

I, too, dig Tori and Dean. I just watched them for the first time on the ol' elliptical at the rec. center. And now I can't help but think I need to time my work-outs to Tori and Dean. Sad. Sad, sad, sad. (but not really?)

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