Friday, June 19, 2009

ladies, you've gotta see this.(men...this is not for you)

Men, this post is not for you.

Today, I went swimsuit shopping. I've got a week on a houseboat at highschool camp ahead of me (including 30something high school girls, who all together weigh about 27 pounds). 3 hours of shopping, no suit...and a decision that I will simply wear my sweats if swimming becomes a necessity.

My body is not what it used to be...I have never been a bikini girl, for more reason than one. But before kids/2 pregnancies, I used to not feel bulgy in a swimsuit. Now, bulgy, wrinkly, saggy, stripey, stretchy...those are words that describe it. Not pretty.

I stumbled upon this blog today, and it made me feel better. Normal.Still saggy, bulgy, stretchy, but normal. *warning* not for the faint of heart. You will some sag, stretchmarks, and real moms. There is a little nudity (not inappropriate, just real bodies). But, it's worth a look. This is not the stuff we see on magazine covers!


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Yeah I love that sight! I have a link to it on my blog. I wish that more women would embrace their womanly bodies. If I have to hear ONE more conversation about some new "diet," or Medifast or whatever it's called I'm going to scream.

Julie said...

LOVE IT! Praise the LORD!!! :)

Amy Jo said...

You are TOO funny! :-) Hope you find a swimsuit! A week on a houseboat sounds fun. Praying the drama is minimal. ;-)

BTW - I got my USCIS approval after 19 days! Yippee!!! One step closer.

Sweet blessings,

courtney rose said...


please forgive me for the time this comment has taken. please, please, please forgive me.

i was overwhelmed and beyond touched when i found your gift in the mail. incredible. so gentle, so compassionate, so sweet. thank you so very, very much. who would have known how handy your bead, along with the others i have received, would come in on friday morning? i was wearing that necklace and holding on to your bead before the call came and after the call came. it helped settle me, it helped remind me that there are women out there that share and care. i plan on wearing it and holding it this coming monday. only hopefully this time, the news will be much better!!

i will treasure your bead, your card, your words, for the rest of time. truly. they are now ranked up there with one of my most loved possessions.

have a beautiful, joyful weekend.

much love,


Melissa said...

love ! thanks for the reality check i needed. FUN FUN!!

~melodious mama~ said...

oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!! I haven't peeked at for a few years now...lost the link somewhere. Thanks so much for bringing it back into my realm!! I am posting it on my blog right away...a must see for every women!

(nice to *meet* you by the way! we're on the adoption train as well although won't be starting the process for a bit still....patience)

be_a_Mary said...

i really needed this!! thank you!

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