Thursday, June 4, 2009

GREAT news!!

I had two really wonderful conversations today (well, more than that, but two *special* ones)

First, I ran into a friend, Casey. He is the middle school pastor at our church. Matt & I have known Casey for many years...he even lived with us for a year before he was married to his lovely bride, Aimee. Long story short, over a few random things, it led to him telling me they were adopting! They have a beautiful daughter, who just turned one, and #2 will be on the way via adoption...even better (in my book), they 're adopting from Ethiopia!! I was beyond happy to hear their big news. Matt and I have become passionate about connecting with families that will look like ours (transracial). We want to cherish our daughter's Ethiopian heritage, and would love to have other families to celebrate that with.

A few hours later, my phone rang, and it was Aimee! Casey had given her my number and said we should "talk". :) I love it when guys do that, "you should talk to my wife..."Anyhow, Aimee called and gave me the female version of thier story (i.e.- more details than a man would give, no offense Casey!)

They are just about ready to begin the process of adoption, they've decided on Ethiopia, and the same agency as us (Gladney!). I am so so so excited about this one. They are the sweetest family, and I really love the daydreams I'm having about having some dear friends with the same love of adoption, and another little Ethiopian in our church family. We love the Graves, and are SO excited for them as they begin this journey!! You can go here to congratulate them on beginning the journey!


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Jana said...

Gosh, Eryn, you are getting close and I am excited for you. Isn't it great how adoption is contagious?

Mark and Heidi said...

Just noticed your blog on the fbi list and wanted to say hi and congrats on getting on the wait list! Also, regarding your post, we have connected with several Gladney ET families in our area and have developed the most amazing and rewarding friendships. So congrats on that too!

Looking forward to following your journey.


Evelyn said...

Eryn, Just got your bead and card yesterday! I had never seen the "not flesh of my flesh" quote - how lovely! I will treasure it along with the bead! Thank you so much!


aimee graves said...

Eryn, i just found my way to your blog and i am so blessed by this post! I am also beyond excited to be able to share our passion of adopting with you guys. I wanna say thank you for being excited about walking along side us on our journey:)

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