Saturday, April 10, 2010


It sort of feels like I dont' have anything new to blog about these days. We are happily waiting for our court date in 13 days! We are anxious, and calm, at the same time if that's possible! We are so ready to hop on a plane, but we are at peace with God's perfect timing. The weeks leading up to finding out what our court date is feel like the hardest wait yet. It was such a roller coaster for a bit there! We are thankful to finally know we are moving forward. I can't believe we are creeping up on 4 months since our referral! Our girl is growing and developing fast, and I can't help but feel some sadness about missing her new milestones.

We were blessed with new photos and 2 new videos of her this weekend! We learned that she can blow a mean razzberry and she eats/spits out oatmeal very well :) I have been wondering about solid foods, so that was really nice to see. We also learned that she is spending some time on the floor working on her strength...and she's trying to get up on all 4's. I told a friend in Ethiopia to quickly knock her down before she tries to crawl, I want to be there for that one!

We have two local familes who are in various stages of the process with Gladney's Ethiopia program. One who is SO close to getting on the wait list...and another in the paperchase stage. Catching up on both journeys has reminded me how far we really have come and all that the Lord has taught us. This journey has been one to meet our daughter, but God has given US so much. We have been blessed beyond measure, and our hearts have changed in some big ways.

A friend was asking me a bit about our daughters story, and through sharing a bit of it, again it's hit me, how much she has lost in her short 8 months. This friend asked why she was being relinquished. Now, there are some people who ask these questions with no hesitation or idea of appropriate questions. And there are those who ask with a spirit of genuine sensitivity and caring. This was the latter. I really don't mind those...when I shared a bit of her story that we know, what her family has gone through and why they can't keep her...she was taken aback. The words "to save her life" are in our paperwork.  We just don't often see or experience this kind of poverty in our country. If a parent is totally in poverty, yet wishes to raise their own child, there ARE resources to help you do so. Systems to help you. It's just different in Ethiopia. It really is a whole different thing than we experience here in the US of A. (No offense to anyone here in the US, or who's adopted a child in the US...I am a big fan of that too!)

Well, this is starting to ramble on so I'll stop :) Goodnight!


Tam and Kai - NYC said...

Thinking of you during these next few days and hoping they move quickly for you!!!
You're almost there!

Christy. said...

Love what you have learned in this journey and how you will never be the same!!

Lisa said...

You are getting so close!

Mark and Heidi said...

We are getting close! I wish I was calm and anxious but so far I am mostly just numb...I'm guessing that will change once we get into next week!

Mark and Heidi said...


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