Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Count Down- 3 days til court!

I'm not gonna lie. Friday was lousy. I tried my best to be prepared for the reality that it just might not happen the first time. Somehow, I still talked myself into thinking that since we'd waited SO long for a court date, somehow, it would even out and we'd get by the first time. I was so bummed. I was thankful my mom was here to get me out of the house and help me pick my heart up off the floor.

Saturday morning was great. We have some dear friends who are going through something way harder. Thier sweet 9 year old boy is fighting Leukemia for the 3rd time in the last two and a half years. Their faith is astounding. Their journey has been so hard, yet gives the Lord so much glory. Luke needs a miracle. There really is no medical treatment that can save him at this point. It's all been done. You can see more of their story here. Anyhow, on Saturday morning a special snow storm was arranged for the Jensen's. Over 100 people, and 3 huge imported loads of snow from Mt Hood arrived in their front yard. Friends, family, neighbors, all poured out their love and shoveled this special snowstorm all around their yard for Luke. It was so amazing. So much love, so much joy, and lots of happy tears. I am so blessed to be a part of this family of was amazing and beautiful to witness. Luke was pleased and his family was really blessed. It was AWESOME!

Then, we escaped. We threw some clean undies and toothbrushes and some food in the car and we zipped off to Cannon Beach, OR for a peaceful and relaxing overnighter. We laughed, Hayden lost his first tooth, and we played and played on the beach. The ocean, particularly that beach, is always perfect medicine to my soul. Somehow, my stress just melts away when that sea air hits my face. I really really LOVE the ocean and the beach. Matt and I have had so many relaxing getaways at that beach, I think the sight of Haystack Rock just triggers "relax" in my brain now. It was perfect. I feel refreshed, and calm, ready for the new count down to our "new" court date.


Tam and Kai - NYC said...

My thoughts are with you and your friend's little boy. How difficult that must be. Your post helps all of us see what is important in life.
Counting down with you to your new date! :)

Steven said...

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Pass it on...

The Busters said...

Very excited for this new countdown!! C'mon Wednesday! Thinking of you all!

Mark and Heidi said...

That sure does put things in perspective. My thoughts and prayers for your friend's little boy.

Glad the ocean getaway did the trick and so excited to hear good news from you on Wednesday! Three day is nothing, right?!


titushome said...

Praying for you, Eryn.....and for your friend's little Luke too.

We will keep praying until we see the PASSED post. :)


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