Friday, May 1, 2009

Homestudy is on it's way to our agency, and I own my very own copy!

I am sitting here, still glowing in the presence of my homestudy! My sweet social worker met me this morning to hand over my copies for USCIS, our Dossier, and my very own to frame and keep. Maybe I should hang it up next to Matt's BA and Master's degrees. I feel as proud of this as I think I would of a college degree (If I had one). I began working on this notebook of stuff September 20, 2008. SEVEN months ago. It feels SO good to have it done. done, done, DONE.

I had a quick moment of "it's not fair" while blog hopping tonight. I'm over it, and 100% believe in God's perfect plan and timing for our girl. BUT...I saw a blog, of a family that started out with the agency we originally were planning to use as our placing agency. They started the process in August, just like we did and found out today, that they PASSED COURT and will soon be traveling to pick up thier sweet 5 month old baby boy. We are SURE that we are where God wants us with Gladney, and many things have confirmed that. They also were recieved a baby boy referral, which tend to come quicker than girl referrals. Many things, and I felt jealous, and a moment of "what could have been"...until the Lord reigned me in. We are where he wants us, in his timing.

We are looking forward to a road trip Tuesday to USCIS. We are meeting up with some family friends in Yakima for lunch. They will be leaving in 2 weeks to get thier little boy in Ethiopia too! It will be a date day for Matt and I...a road trip, lunch out, my mom is taking the kids for the will be great! And we get the bonus of being fingerprinted to top it off :)

Thanks for all the encouragement today, and doing the happy dance with me! I will go to bed with a smile on my face tonight and not be wondering when I will see my close friend, the homestudy with her final stamp of approval on's DONE! Yippee!!


The Bogard Family said...

We wish you the best. I am sure God has lead you on the right track. God is Good!!! We checked out several places before we decided where God was leading us. That is exciting your homestudy is done! It's all in his timing!

Lee Ann said...

Totally understand why you would have that "what if" thought. But so glad your are feeling the peace knowing that God's timing is perfect. Your little girl just wasn't ready.

Dee said...


Frame that puppy. Let it be the new home decore!

One step closer to Lucy Loo, bugga boo!

Amy Jo said... did you celebrate? Have you found any good Ethiopian restaurants near you? We haven't tried ET food yet, but when we make it to where you're at, we're definitely celebrating!!! SO happy for you. Have a fun road-trip.

BTW - I'm out in Forest Grove. If you do put together a picnic or something here in the NW, I would LOVE to connect with y'all! (amyjoivey(at)yahoo(dot)com)

Sweet blessings,

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