Sunday, May 10, 2009

thoughts on Mother's Day

I spent today with my lovelies. My fellas made french toast (my fave) today for breakfast, and we scrambled into church late, as usual. After Hayden decided to take the vacuum apart (which dumped nasty dustbunnies and cheerios all over him and the carpet) and Jack fell down and bloodied his knee...we finally got into the van. The 15 minute black hole time warp...gets us every sunday!

We spent all afternoon with my parents, and my brother and his family (like we do every sunday) BUT the men cooked...I confess, my hubby is an awesome cook, much better than I am! He made homemade fettucine alfredo AND Creme Brulee for dessert! Delish, thanks husband! You are the best!

We had a special speaker today at church, Diane Moore, who is a local Parenting expert and Mom, radiotalk show host, author...funny lady. I enjoyed her alot. She talked about 2 Thessalonians and Motherly Love, not just for/about moms, but how God created motherly love for all of us to have, and how much it's lacking in our world. We hear the phrase "fatherless" alot, but equally, many in our world are motherless, and as she put it "God made 2 flavors of Love". Both are needed. I cried a bunch, thinking about all the little people in Ethiopia who are waiting for Motherly love to come take up residence in their lives. I thought about the daughter we are still waiting to meet and what her birthmother is dealing with today...this minute. It made me love on my boys a little more, savor their hugs a little longer, and be so grateful that they've made me a mom.

It also made me really really REALLY appreciate my own mom, and her loving presence in my life...always. I can't think of a time when I needed her and she wasn't there. Every play, every birthday, every special day, every sporting event, every dance, every thing I thought was important that really wasn't.Even the non important days...we've spent them all together. My highs and lows, she's loved me through all of them, and I'd dare say, she already loves our Lucy as much as we do. My boys would take her over me just about any time...they ADORE thier Grammy. When I make them mad, they want to go to Grammy's and Hayden often says, I want to live with Grammy forever. Of course I tell him, no, I would miss him too too much and I would cry every day if he wasn't here. That usually makes him laugh long enough to get over the fact that I'm ripping hime away from Grammy's house. She listens and laughs when I email her pictures of the lastest greatest plan for Lucy's bedroom and bedding for the 10,000th mind change. She makes me feel important, strong, and loved. She showed me that being a Mom is THE best job in the world. In fact, I never knew how hard it would be. I grew up knowing that all I wanted to be, was a mom. That was the best job I could ever have, she made it look easy. I was a little surprised by reality, when I had my second babe...but she has been there through that too. MOM...I love you so much...I am who I am because you and dad have loved me and lived by example of how to love and serve have been the best example of Motherly Love a girl could ever wish for. I love you!

On a funny note, you gotta look at this! A gal in SoCal(and adoptive mom) has a blog I like to read for good laughs about motherhood, I visit Kristen at

She posted this video, which cracked me up!I LOVE mama confessions, they just make you feel normal...One of the reasons I enjoy not me mondays...

What is your mommmy confession this week? I pretended I was asleep on Wednesday morning, a little too long. When I got up my boys were COVERED in bandaids. Seriously, probably 10 each. They have gotten clever and realize this time (when I'm pretending to still be asleep) is their chance to get into my high cupboards, where I keep the good stuff. To be clear, they weren't hurt...just like bandaids!


Tamara said...

Beautiful post - I think there are just no words to describe the difference that having Motherly Love in a girls life makes in who she becomes - you radiate that kind of Motherly love!

Dee said...

Love your tribute to your mom.

Dee said...

oh I love authenticity, but those women were drunk, I wonder if they would confess without the alcohol?

Anonymous said...

I have random comments because I've been catching up on my blog reading today, so I've read back a few. First of all, does Gladney Approved mean you are a few more steps down on your to do list on your sidebar? Are you really that close to a referral? That's exciting. And WOW you have been busy making new shirts! I'm going to peruse your etsy site. Should I order there if I find something the right size?
I haven't seen much of you lately - you must be super busy busting out adoption paperwork and creating super cute and very unique clothing. You are so utterly talented. Where do you find the time?

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