Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Day

Thanks to my friends Beka and Joy, today was a VERY good day.

They just got back tuesday from Ethiopia, picking up their sweet sweet babes.  In my inbox this morning, I had 8 fantastic pictures from Beka of our sweet girl enjoying her care package from us! (well, truth be told, I'm pretty sure it's for our enjoyment, not hers...she's 5 months old for crying out loud--and oblivious to the white people in the photo album)

She has grown and changed since our referral pics, just a month ago...thicker hair, brighter eyes...she's so darn sweet and has the most beautiful dark chocolate eyes ever. Her ears stick out a bit, in an adorable way.

Joy said she has some pics for me to and said she is "super super sweet" to my ears to hear personal descriptions of her! Thank You Thank You ladies! You made my day.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Yay, what a precious gift that is!!!

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