Friday, January 22, 2010

HEL-LO referrals and court dates!

the past few weeks have been dragging by for those waiting for referrals and court dates...not much action. BUT the past couple of days have been AWE--SOME!

Yay for these families who got referrals yesterday and today....Bottomlys and Lisa and the Mullins. WOO HOO!!

And, Gayla, who got the call about her court date yesterday! Fantastic week!

I'm happy to say that little mini list I started to the right a month ago of a few families from Gladney who were all in a little cluster waiting for referrals...have all gotten them! Woo Hoo! Bring on the Court Dates!


Katie said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Bring 'em on!!!!

Gayla said...

HEL-LO is right!!!!

And here's to yours coming soon and BOTH of us getting travel dates at the same time!!! :-)

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