Saturday, January 2, 2010

To Do List...*edited*

Edit (1/19/10)*- I'm happy to say, I have checked everything off, with the exception of laundering my diapers! I'm adding a few new photos to this post of my newest project well as as my new to-dos!

Here's a list a started back in November of things to do before baby girl arrives...I'm a nester, BIG time. This is part of how I prepare for my babe...makes lists, sew like crazy, do some crafts, do some's therapy for me while I wait.

I love to go to for nursery inspiratons. I love the mix of vintage and modern people use there, and color and homemade touches. I have found lots of my ideas there.

It's coming along...we hit the room restoration big time this week, while Matt is off work for Christmas break. It looks so great! It's my new happy place and the boys are loving it, too. Hayden keeps telling me how "beautiful" it is in there, and he wants to snuggle with me in the rocking chair with his blanket and some books. Loving that tonight. He is quite a lapful though! It's the same rocking chair that my Mom bought while she was expecting me, and she used it to rock me and my brother in (and many other little ones over the years). When I was pregnant with Hayden, she gave it to me, and I spent lots of hours rocking the boys when they were little. I can't wait to rock little baby girl in it, too!

Make crib bumper
Make curtains
Paint walls (Robin's Nest from Benjamin Moore- I had it color matched at Lowes in a low VOC paint)

Strip/Sand floor
Seal/finish floor
Paint trim
Strip/Sand Dresser
Paint Dresser
Assemble Crib
Sew Changing pad cover
Make fabric embroidery hoops like these
Paint/mod podge letters for wall
make butterflies for wall like this
organize hand me downs into bins by size
launder clothing we have
Hang shelf
hang wall hooks
launder cloth diapers
buy drawer liner
put drawer liner in dresser drawers
make bookrack like this (maybe)
make photo book for care package
make cuddly blankey for care package
mail care package to Beka
make cornice box for window/curtains change of it will be a cute rod that I bought.
hang curtains
paint shadow box frame
Here is the crib bumper...I LOVE this fabric. It's from the Denyse Schmidt Katie Jumprope collection. love love love the orange with the wall color.

My mom and I got the idea for these curtains at Aunt Tam's Fine Fabric & Home Fancy in Battle Ground. I love that place! It's so inspiring. These aren't done yet, but I couldn't wait to see what they'd look like hanging up. The crib was a goody from craigslist. It's Ikea's Gulliver crib. I liked the low profile since it's such a teeny tiny room (8x10).

This is  a wardrobe that I got off craigslist. It's an Ikea Aneboda. We removed the lame closet shelf and rod that was where the changing table is to make it feel more open in the room, but needed some closet space. This was my $50 find! (the lady actually came down to $50 before I could try to talk her down! That is my kind of shopping!)

Here is the rocker I mentioned above. I bought this antique quilt months ago at Little Bo'tique, my favorite resale shop here in Vancouver. It was only $40! It's twin size, so I plan to use it later on her big girl bed. I loved the fun colors in it...and, I realized today that it must have been meant to be, because it's main color is purple, which is what little miss' ethiopian name means.

This is the first baby doll for baby girl. She is ADORABLE. Her name is Coco, from BlaBla.  She is so soft and cuddly...handknit. The colors on her skirt were my inspiration for the colors I wanted in this room, stripes of aqua, orange, pink, it!

This little set of vintage suitcases  was inspired by the blue one in the middle. It was my even still has her luggage tag attached with her name in her own handwriting on it. I hope it never falls off. Those two hand embroidered linens belonged to her too. I love them! There also a few little books I've been picking up here and there for the little one, including a really cool vintage book of childrens stories and nursery rhymes I bought at a garage sale...and of course, the Lucy the Lamb book. Hayden liked the Teddy Bear because it looks like his sock monkey, Professor Sock. :)

It feels really good to have it look ready for a baby to live in!


Lynne Paulus said...

LOVE the room Eryn! I have always been amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day! Lucy will be so at home in her new home!

Jennifer said...

oh I ove it...the colors, the prints. Who made the blanket that's draped over the crib? You're so crafty!

Gayla said...

Eryn- LOVE the room!!! SO cute. Love the colors. You are so talented!

You are WAAAAAAY ahead of me... in fact, I should post some pics of our girl's future room. You will CRACK UP!!!

Christy. said...

Hellooooo, SUPER CUTE!! I am sure the room is much more fun to work on with a face to go with it! :0)

Can't wait to celebrate with you!! I am nesting big time and hoping to pop to the mall today...

Mark and Heidi said...

You are so talented, Eryn! Beautiful!

Julie said...

oh my goodness, SOOO cute. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those curtains!!! A-mazing!

J Gutwein said...

Looks great! Love, J

Eryn said...

wow, thanks girls! I love the colors too...they just make me happy!

Jen, the blanket is from they are so cute! they had a great sale several months ago where everything was 50% off. I was able to customize the entire thing! I picked out all the fabrics I wanted, and the edging I wanted, and they make it custom and I had it about one weeks time! It was awesome! they are a fancy boutique brand, regularly like $60...and you know me, I'm waaaay to cheap to pay that! It was one of the first things I got for her...I love it!

The Redman's said...

LOVE it! and... I think we have VERY similar taste! I've been eyeing the "Norah" nursery on ohhdedoh for quite awhile. I'm really tempted to repaint Grace's room that same color-- right now it's a soft sky blue. And, I already made of bunch of those butterflies that you posted as well. They're super cute!! Again... the nursery is beautiful and I can't wait to see your baby in there. :)

The Redman's said...

and by the way... I haven't forgotten the necklace. I wasn't happy with the first few I made, so I'm making some changes. :) I'll send you one soon!!

Bethany said...

Very Sweet baby girl room! Wishing you well on your journey to get EVERYTHING done! :-)

Erin Sager said...

Eryn, I have been such a bad blogger but am so happy here you got a referral, that is great news!!!! And love her room, to cute!!!

Noelle said...

Hi - I stumbled on your blog from your comment on Fabric Crush and just had to see your nursery. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the orange DS bumper and the curtains...(well I love it all but thats another story).
Any chance you would send me a single photo of just the curtain so I could figure out how to make it.

I also have babies from far, far away and reading how your referral call went down brought me to my knees reminding me how ours each went down. Have no worries that call for travel and court date will happen before you know it. Last year at this time we were waiting for our court dates for our son and now he's been home almost a year!!!

Eryn said...

Hi Noelle, do you have an email address? I will totally send you curtain pics. eryn

Noelle said...

Here you

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