Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help the Howertons bring home thier son from Haiti!!

Please, Please, this blog post from my blog friend, Kristen. Kristen and Mark Howerton have been in process of adopting a little guy from Haiti for 2 and a half years...they were nearing the end stages of the adoption before the earthquake. Kristen was actually IN Haiti, visiting the little guy when the earthquake hit.. PLEASE read her post on how you can help petition the US Government's attention to the orphans in Haiti who HAVE FAMILIES in the US waiting to care for them.The government buildings handling adoptions in Haiti is now rubble...please read about how you can help!

Kristen is looking for help in anyway possible, media publicity, petitioning the government, any connections you have that could bring attention to this matter for all orphans in the adoption process in Haiti.
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