Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not Me

Not me Monday is a little late, but I feel like doing it anyway.

If you're wondering what Not Me Monday is all about, visit here.

I did NOT order MORE books on Amazon this week. I fully know that I can barely read my Bible enough, let alone gigantic books about adoption stuff. (If I did do that, I would surely get some stellar deals, however. This is the problem with Amazon, they are just too cheap! I can't resist.)

I did not Moan and Groan over my stupid cold hanging on for the THIRD week. Seriously.

I did not spend 2 sleepless nights holding the "puke bowl" for my boys. They would go to bed as happy little clams, wake up for puking all night, then be just peachy in the morning. they would never do that to thier dear old mom!

I would NEVER start painting my bathroom, and refinishing the cabinets in said bathroom, DAYS before my homestudy visit. I'm not that nutty!

During that homestudy visit (after a sleepless night of puke bowl holding) my sweet oldest son would NOT ever push his sweet baby brother off the top bunk so he'd land on his face on a metal tonka truck. We are much better parents than to raise a kid who'd do such a mean thing to his brother, IN FRONT OF OUR SOCIAL WORKER. Sheesh.

I would never go visit my cousins brand new baby, and hold him for a wonderful hour, and wish I had a newborn to love. I remember those sleepless nights, sore boobs, and crazy postpartum meltdowns. I would never wish that on myself right now!

Furthermore, I would never yell at my kids for yelling. I mean, YELLING to prove a point about YELLING is pretty dumb. I would NEVER be such a hypocrite, OR yell at my children. I'm waaaay more calm and together than that.


missy said...

there's always gotta be something crazy during a homestudy visit.

what books did you order?

annaliese said...

ah, yes. yelling to stop the yelling. I would never employ that silly ol' tactic, either ;)

Dee said...

You've had an incredible week!
You are a great mommy for holding that puke bowl!

Audrey said...

I'm so sorry your boys were sick! How nice of you to hold the puke bowl, I seriously do not know if I could do that. And, hey, the shove off the bunkbed was just another opportunity to show the social worker how wonderful you are at problem solving and conflict resolution, right?

I have not been to St. Cupcakes. Just the name makes me want to go. Let's definitely go for girls' cupcake!

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