Monday, February 23, 2009

time for a new, my addictions.

I've seen this on a few blogs, and I'm tagging myself, since I have blogger's block.

So, 6 of my addictions are...

1. Um, Duh...blogland. I LOVE getting a peak into my friends day to day lives. It feels like I can keep up with thier life a bit and a peek into thier personalities that I wouldn't normally see.
THEN, there are the friends I would not have without blog land! My new adoption friends. It's amazing to me how connected you can feel to families on the same journey in adoption, having never met in person! I have made some friends that I'm getting to know in person as well as blogs, and that is such a privelege!

2. Coconut Oil. I just bough a GALLON of it. I use it as moisturizer, conditioner for my hair, for cooking, to make's crazy good stuff, and it smells awesome to boot!

3. Shamefully, Dr. Pepper is one of the hardest things to cut out of my life. I have worked hard this past year at venturing into weeding junk out of my pantry and giving my family nutritious food and better cleaning and body products. Dr. Pepper, I'm having a hard time saying good bye to my long time friend!

4. Especially since entering the adoption world....there SOOOO MANY .42 cent books in this world! For just about $4 you can have just about any book you need. good stuff.

5. 3 ring binders. I have many...3 devoted to adoption stuff. One for MOM's. One for recipes I print off the web. One for my jewelry biz. and more on my shelf. It's an easy way to organize for me. I especially like cute ones.

6. I think that would have to be....craigslist. Whenever I find something we need/want, I check thier first. We've sold thousands of dollars worth of things on there, and bought lots too. My latest great find, I wanted to get Hayden one of those cool art easels from IKEA. $24.99...Craigslist...$8! Yes!!

I tag....Mere, Christy G., Dee, Julie, Lee Ann, Meleea, and Audrey.


Blog Shmog said...

I'm the same with coconut oil. I use it every single day. It's awesome as a conditioner. :)

Dee said...

Okay, I'll play along. Just give me till this weekend.

I didn't know you were addicted to Dr. Pepper. I'll have to remember that for when you come over. I love to have people's favorite drinks when they come other.

Now coconut oil, makes me crazy! Like - - - Crazy! Just the smell of it makes be want to attack Alex! If ya know what I mean! So I best not smell you when you come over! Oh the things I share on the internet!

annaliese said...

note to self: do not wear coconut oil around Dee unless wanting to get attacked :)

fun list! I am now intrigued by coconut oil (and not just for its power over Dee) and shall have to investigate more about it!

Trish said...

Cocunut oil? Really, I think I need more info.

And I had no idea that you were a fellow DP addict. I love it. Alot.

Love this list, and you know what? I have one of those easels in my garage that has not been used for a few years, except to hold garage sale could have had it! Still can if you want two.

be_a_Mary said...

oh i agree about craigslist!! but dr. pepper? blech!! ;) i enjoyed learning more about you.

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