Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slaving over the stove today

We're heading north for the weekend to help some of our favorite people, the "other" Keslers move. I'd link you to their blog, be it hasn't been updated in nearly a year. (I say it in LOVE, Rach :)

Since it's a weekend of moving stuff, I thought I'd prep a few meals and freeze them for the weekend. So... I made these:

Pizza Casserole
(the ONLY casserole in the WHOLE WORLD my hubby likes, not a meal I'm real proud of feeding my family, I mean you use the mac and cheese with the plastic like cheese, I use sausage instead of ground beef-and only one pound. I also mixed the spagetti sauce into the noodles, and I chop up the peperoni and mix it in also and top with cheese-but it is easy and my hubby really likes it)
(from I LOVE this website. Great resource for natural,healthy, and simple/sustainable living-all for God's glory )
(from supplied by the lovely ladies at my church's MOM's group)

Then, when I hopped back over to to relook at the enchilada recipe, I got sidetracked with these recipes for the "Easiest, Healthiest, most scrumptious fudge ever" and homemade whole wheat pretzels, so we made those too. They just looked too tasty to pass up...and it's almost valentines day. I've been looking for some treats for the kiddos that aren't candy and these were perfect! (the fudge is pretty healthy, use honey and coconut oil and cocoa powder...that's it! so easy!)

(none of these are my own pics, but taken from the sites where I got the recipes)

Now I"m off to clean up the mess.


Bethany said... make me look like the drudgery of all full time moms. Don't let my husband see what you do, I will get fired from my job!

annaliese said...

um--I second that wow! good job, you!

let's made three meal+...and I have yet to figure out what I am going to be making for dinner...and I'm still here on the computer...ok! gotta go!

Eryn said...

Well, supermom, I am NOT. You should see the pile of laundry yet to be folded and, what have we eaten for dinner? Daddy is in bed sick, and we at pretzels for a "snack" at 5:30. Dinner for today is not yet made!

Dee said...

Tag you're it, see my blog!

Lee Ann said...'re making me hungry. Can't wait to try the fudge!

Dee said...

I sorta want to cook tonight!....

Dawn said...

The pizza casserole sounds yummy! I may have to try that. :)

be_a_Mary said...

um ... YUM YUM YUM! can i come over?

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