Friday, February 6, 2009

teary day

Up and down kind of day today.

One of the first adoption related thoughts of my day (there are usually many) was when I heard news that a family waiting for their court date, lost their baby (as in, the baby passed away). I don't know details, but saw the prayer request here. What heartache. To lose your baby before you have ever laid your eyes on their sweet face. I know some of you have experienced that it your lives, through adoption or pregnancy. My heart ached with sadness and it brought tears to my eyes.

One of my second adoption thoughts of the day was when I had a few GLORIOUS child free hours this morning hanging out with my mom (one of my favorite things to do). She listens to me enthusiastically as I ramble on and on and on about life and adoption. It seems like she never gets tired of listening to me babble on and on. Even if she does, she never lets me know it. She is the best! Ok, back to the topic, I went on a rabbit trail. Mom and I were out and about and we hit my favorite resale shop, Little Bo'tique. I love going there, the owner/operator Shauna has the cutest stuff, great taste! I love it. I have been worried for her about her business with that dumb new law (see my rant here) coming up next week. I was SO HAPPY today when she told me that it has been postponed for one year! That was great news (but I didn't cry over that.) Anyhow, Shauna is so sweet. I go in there regularly, and of course I was looking at the cute little girl things. She said, "why do you have girl things? You have little boys, right?" (side note: I love to be known. I love that she remembers me!) I told here we were adopting and she got all excited and exclaimed, "I am adopted!" She was really happy that we were adopting. She and 2 siblings were adopted and she told me a poem that was on the wall in thier house growing up...

Not flesh of my flesh
Nor bone of my bone,
But still miraculously
My own.
Never forget
For a single minute:
You didn't grow under my heart,
But in it.

--Fleur Conkling Heyliger

THAT made me cry. I love that simple statement. I will find it or make it for baby girl's wall.

Then, we went to Costco. While their we ran into a dear friend who's having a rough week. This sweet family has a son who about a year and a half ago, found out that he had Leukemia, at 6 years old. Thankfully, he has been cancer free for exactly one year today! They have an amazing faith, that has blessed so many, as they've journeyed this road. BUT, today, on the one year mark, my sweet friend, was heavy hearted as they await test results from their son's one year testing. As we stood and visited, we all cried. Good and heavy hearted tears. We prayed together in the aisles of costco. God has already used this family and thier story for his glory and I know he's not done yet.

Then, I came home, read blog updates and saw this one. Cried AGAIN.

Teary day, but those aren't always bad. I cry easy, if you haven't noticed.

It's only 3:30...holy moly. OK, back to painting my bathroom. Because, our social worker is REALLY GOING TO CARE what color my bathroom is on monday when she comes for our home visit, RIGHT? Yes, I do know that I'm a little nuts right now.


Christy. said...

I am not sure who's blog I found you through... We are in the process of adopting a little boy from ET. I was cracking up about your social worker caring about the paint color in the bathroom because....
our social worker comes on the 14th and I was painting my daughter's room today. :0) We moved all our kids' rooms around to prepare for our new little guy and I have painted all of their rooms in the past 3 weeks. Our house will look great for her visit, but I will be exhausted! :0)

Tamara said...

Love the quote - oh the mysterious ways of our God and the perfect path he leads us on.

vikki said...

ok... now I'm crying again! thank you eryn for your prayers. you and your mom were Gods gift to me today! it is so awesome to me how God knows our every need, He will send some one to meet you at costco to pray! thank you for your love and support!! love you!!

Jana said...

Get ahold of yourself woman!!! Just kidding, I got all choked up when I read that poem. THAT is a keeper.

Christy. said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog, of course you can bookmark me! We live in Sherwood, so about 40 minutes from you. It would be very fun to have coffee sometime.
I just finished one of my daughters rooms a few minutes ago, it looks great! I am going to post pictures on my blog as soon as my husband hangs the chandelier. :0)
We are finished with our dossier except for our home study. Our social worker will be out on the 14th and 19th and then she should have her report done a few days later. Our I600A just went out and we will follow up by sending our home study when it is done.
Where are you at in the process? I see that you were with AGCI and then switched to Gladney. What made you switch? I would love to hear about that, we almost went with AGCI but decided on Children's Hope because our good friends used them and we felt comfortable with that. You can email me at
I hope you have a great weekend!

Christy. said...

Totally true about the paperwork part, it is nice to have something to do. I really have a peace that God knows who our little boy is and just the right time to bring him home. I say that now, but I am sure I will get impatient soon.... :0)

Denise Crawford said...

Well isn't that something! My favorite thing too...hanging out with you and talking about our lives and MY grandkids! Your adoption is one of my four favorite subjects (H, J, A, and baby girl), so you can never EVER bore me with talk of them. I love our Friday morning hanging out and every other opportunity i get just as much. YOU are the best
and I love your tender heart!

It WAS a teary day, but God's hand was all over it and at the end of the day I absolutely knew Who was in control of it. Thanks, dear friend in costco, for being transparent and allowing us into your heart - you and your family are a giant blessing to us as we've seen you walking through the most difficult year. God definitely has been honored and glorified by you.

Dee said...

Oh my, tears are flooding out! Thanks for sharing.

courtney rose said...

Hi Eryn! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog a bit back! It's so very nice to meet you!

I look forward to following along on your journey as the days and weeks continue to pass. And I can't wait until we're having our own happy tears over news like Drew and Carey just recently sent out!! What a day that will be!!

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