Monday, February 9, 2009

we're doing better!

We survived the nasty bug of the night. Hayden is totally fine...ate a bunch of pizza for lunch. I'm not great, but it could be worse. We were able to carry on with our homestudy visit, which was great. It was shorter than I thought...she said she's going to look around our house next time, which I was honestly a little bummed about. I worked hard to get it all spic and span for TODAY. She didn't even USE the freshly painted bathroom (which, I knew would not be nearly as important to her as it was to me!)

Oh well. I am thankful my hubby took the day off for the visit today, since I would up feeling like CRUD all day. He's taken good care of me and the boys...and managed to get our taxes done too!
Which brought excellent news of a nice refund! Yahoo!! One more way God is providing for ye' old adoption fund!

Thanks everyone for your prayers today.


Dawn said...

Glad your 1st homestudy visit went good. I remember driving myself crazy cleaning the house and she just kinda poked her head in each room. I wanted her to look under the bed, wipe her finger across the table, notice the squeaky clean windows... ha - she did none of that! :)

annaliese said...

can totally relate to getting the house all cleaned for homestudy only to have social worker barely sit in one corner of living room during entire visit! lol! so glad you are feeling better around your house, though!

Dee said...

I think your case worker is coming to my house to see if you are a good enough parent....better get feeling better and clean my pad now. :0)

Don't like my WV today: methiv--is that like a drug or something!

Christy. said...

Lame, you should serve her lots of water when she comes next so she will need to use the bathroom. :0)

Were you relaxed during your home study or stressed? Our home study agency asked if we would be ok with our social worker bringing an intern with her, we said yes. It's on Saturday, so pray it goes well.

Do you have another visit scheduled?

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