Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Good blog post about talking to your kids about racism

There's this blog I love. Rage Against the Minivan.

Kristen has 4 kids- two biological daughters and two adopted sons. One was foster adopt, and one recently home from Haiti (amazing story in and of itself!).

Anyhoo, Kristen just wrote a great blog post about dealing with kids/ parents on subjects of race. She is talking from a personal experience, but also gives some really good tips on how to talk to kids about race in a normal, healthy every day experience. How NOT talking about it, does not equal "all skin colors are equal". I'm guilty of not talking about skin colors. Some think pointing out the differences to our kids is not politically correct. We learned that whatever we were doing wasn't working, when Hayden recently said to us "How are we going to paint Lucy's skin to look like ours when she gets here?" UM. WE AREN'T. We have talked about her skin being a different color than ours, we thought we'd given them time to get used to the idea. It never crossed our minds that they would think she needed to match us.

Anyhow, any and all parents of white kids, asian kids, native american kids, black kids, could benefit from reading THIS.


Kaz and Amy said...

I can't wait to go read the post...This is such a huge subject! Thanks for sharing it with me!

Have a great Thursday!


The Busters said...

Thank you for the link to such an awesome blog. I got totally sucked in and read tons of her posts. She is awesome!! I wish I could speak that eloquently about race. Hoping your court date comes SOON!!

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