Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Twist Part 2

e just got home from a great weekend away at the coast with good friends. It was soooo nice to relax and NOT think about adoption all weekend!

We did receive some good news on Friday, and I wanted to thank you all for praying and supporting us.

On Friday another email update came from our agency, telling us that the Ethiopian Federal Court had decided to postpone the new policy going into effect until April 9th. As long as we get our court date by then, we will only have to travel ONCE.

Later that afternoon, our caseworker called to give me an update on our case (She is AMAZING, and has this ability to be on top of quesitons I have, just before I ask them). Since we are creeping up on the 3 month mark, she wanted to find out what is taking so long with our case (the current months average was 2-3 month wait for a court date last month--we are now on the LONG side of average). She spoke with the Ethiopia Program Director in Ethiopia who said they are waiting on one document from the original orphanage our girl came from to complete her file. He expects that to take about a week and a half to receive, and feels confident we should make that April 9th cutoff date. It was a little disappointing to hear that it could be another week or two to receive our court date, but also really nice to know where we stand. As long as our court date is on the books before April 9th, we'll be good with one trip to Ethiopia (the court date does not have to BE before April 9th, just scheduled before then).

Would you please join us in praying for these specifics?

that the final documentation needed can be completed sooner than anticipated,
that we can be surprised with news of a court date before the time expected
that we could pass court on the very first attempt
We could be booked into the very first travel dates following our court date
pray for peace and patience while we wait for these important milestones


Michael and Katie said...

I am so glad you now know what the hang up is. I am also glad to have specific things to pray for. I have been, and will continue, to pray for you. I hope and pray you will be holding Lucy very soon. This process can be so difficult and it is hard to not have control over it. It is in God’s control and that is so much better. I am so glad it looks like you won’t have to travel twice. I know you were really sent on an emotional roller coaster last week. Welcome back from your beach weekend!

AprilM said...

We're going to travel together!!!! I'm praying for that paper from her orphanage to get where it needs to be speedily.....It's been emotional journey for us all...Hang in there, we're traveling SOON!!!! Remember you promised me a hug in ETHIOPIA???? I'm counting on it!!!! I love you sister!!!

The Mathews Family said...

I am praying for you!'s going to work out in perfect timing! HIS perfect timing. :)

Kaz and Amy said...

I'll be praying hard that you get your court date by then and only have to travel once! Keep us posted! Praying right now...

Lisa said...

I'm praying for you and for all the rest waiting on court dates. Maybe we'll all end up traveling together!

chavafor4 said...

Could you email me please? I have fingerprinting question. Thanks Jenne in OR
chavafor4 @ yahoo. com

Leanne said...

Eryn, I'm so so sorry! No kidding, I looked to find your personal email because I'd be freaking out if court dates were being handed out, but I didn't have any news.

Please know that Charlie and I think of you guys every day!!! I mean, we got our referrals two days apart! I feel like we are connected!

You can email me at if you want. I won't have any further news, but I will listen to concerns and rants! ;)

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