Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's shaping up to be a good week

Yesterday I started my day with my wonderful friend, Christy, calling me to tell me that after 10 months on the waiting list with her agency, SHE GOT A REFERRAL!!

Christy and I met via blogland, and get the priveledge of living near enough each other, that we actually get to spend time together occasionally. We went on our waitlists within 2 weeks of eachother, and both of us fully expected that she'd get her referral first, since she was waiting for a toddler boy, which typically come much quicker than infant girl referrals. So, when we got ours, we were both shocked that she had not gotten hers yet.

Christy and I have leaned on eachother alot during these past months for encouragment and support. It's gotten to the point where we've talked on the phone, or texted, or emailed, several times a week, if not daily :) It's been such a blessing to have a Godly woman to walk this journey with. When I'm down, she encourages me, and vice-versa. I am SO SO happy that they finally have seen little baby "B"'s sweet little face!

Also, go HERE to congratulate the Bottomly's on their wonderful news of a referral!!

In other good news (not as fantastic as a referral), we got word today that "the missing document" has been recieved by Gladney's in country staff! HOORAY!! Our little file should be arriving for submission in the Ethiopian courts sometime this week. What does that mean? It means within the next few weeks, we should finally hear what our courtdate is, AND that since our file will be submitted by April 9th, we should only be traveling ONCE. I'm very thankful for that...although it would have been fantastic to see little Miss Lucy's face sooner, I'm thankful to save the load of cash, and that the first time we travel, we'll be bringing her HOME.

I'm hoping that all of my other friends waiting for important news too (like file submissions, court dates, and of course REFERRALS!) will hear too this week. Let the GOOD NEWS START FLOODING IN!


Christy. said...

Whoop, whoop!! I am still so excited and can't stop looking at our sweet picture of "B"!!

I LOVE our friendship and how we encourage eachother! You will truly be a life-long friend!

Thankful you document is there and that you will make it under the one trip rule...

I, on the other hand, was told yesterday that I need to be prepared that I might be on a plane in as little as 5 weeks, AHHHH!!

Love sweet Lucy and I can't wait for you to finally hold her in your arms!!

Belleme said...

Yeah that's so exciting for Christy! Didn't know she was a "local" too! We'll have to all have play dates in the future when I'm down visiting my parents! :)
And SO exciting about your last piece of paper! Now a court date would be GREAT!
And for me... A REFERRAL would be super! :)

Leslie said...

That is so good to hear. I am so excited that you will FINALLY get a court date.

AND some more good news for us all. Part of the Healthcare Reform legislation included extending and increasing the Adoption Tax Credit to $13,170.

I put the link to the bill on my blog. starrlooktotheworld.blogspot.com

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